2017 January

Further to my "Hit Settings Everywhere" in InControl Touch Pro, birds eye camera view now shows when reversing…

This was something I had seen on an F-Pace before but didn’t think it existed on Range Rover.  Again having thought I checked everywhere, I didn’t check in the most obvious place, the Settings screen for the feature itself when accessed with the main feature on-screen – as in, bring up the Cameras and then hit Settings and I found I could turn this on:


I wonder if I didn’t have 360 PDC, would the birds eye view move to the far side and the reverse camera view get wider?

Settings screen:


Here’s what Landscape view looks like:


Finally found InControl Touch Pro Weather Live app settings so that Fahrenheit is used throughout

Since delivery, for some COMPLETELY UNEXPLAINABLE reason, the InControl Touch Pro Weather Live app used Fahrenheit on the side panel but Celsius when displayed full screen on a 2017 Range Rover.

My preference for Fahrenheit is chosen everywhere I could find prior to today.  The InControl website account, the car itself, and a few other places all set for Fahrenheit.  And as shown, it works fine for the side panel.


But the key for the fix that I found today while checking out another feature is simple (And apparently undocumented?)

Bring up the full screen Weather Live app then tap the Settings button (small double gear icon) then Weather Settings then configure from there.  A few taps and all is fixed.MY17-L405-Weather-Settings



As I found, hitting that Settings button on every screen and then going into the contextual settings for the function displayed has helped find some things previously hidden to me.

2017 Range Rover Remote Climate rises bread! Just wish it would actually start the car in a timely manner(or at all)…

Finally getting something that officially remotely starts a Range Rover sounds great in concept!

Here’s a fun official video from Land Rover’s Hibernot series, they may need to add a disclaimer that video was accelerated for film:

These screens are more common for me but luckily I rarely double my car as a proof box:


Land Rover Route Planner Rant – just posting for posterity

🆗⬇️⬇️🆗🆗⬅️⬅️ Konami Cheat Code or How to display map instead of gauges for 2017 Range Rover?

One of the cool new features Range Rover received for 2017 is the ability to show the navigation maps in the (previously single function) digital gauge cluster.

Only downside – you have to manually activate it through the gauge cluster menu each time you want to see it, hence the Konami-esque “cheat code”

From the left steering wheel control:

🆗⬇⬇🆗🆗⬅ ⬅


OK, Down, Down, OK, OK, Left, Left