2015 April

2016 Range Rover, Canadian Order Guide, Price List & Pricing Bulletin – details our Northern neighbors got!

Lots of great details in these documents from Slammed over at the rangerovers.net forums.

2016MY Range Rover – Product Brief – Pricing Bulletin; Canada, This one has a lot of little extra details we didn’t get in the US releases like…

Example of the new higher-res cameras:my16-l405-cams

And a breakdown of the updated Info-lame-ment graphics:my16-l405-info-lame-ment

Link to full 2016MY Range Rover – Product Brief – Pricing Bulletin; Canada

And the other two documents, also full of great detail for the Canadian Market:

Link to full 2016MY Range Rover – Order Guide; Canada

Link to full 2016MY Range Rover – Price List; Canada

Changes for MY16 Range Rover Sport – Bulletin MPR15-10

Click on through for full PDF bulletinmpr15-10-frontpage

Thanks Josh!

2016 MY changes for Range Rover – Bulletin MPR15-09 – Heated seats finally get a dedicated button!!

—Summary of updates, some of my comments in italics full PDF download available here.


2016 Updates At-A-Glance
—New 380HP Supercharged V6 engine on the HSE (340 HP V6 continues in the SE), front brake upgrade to the larger V8 brakes, which requires 20” wheels

—US launch of the world proven Td6 diesel engine, 254HP and 440 lb/ft of Torque


—Diesel Exhaust Fluid system is introduced

—Introduction of “Auto Access Height” for the air suspension
—All-Terrain Progress Control – This is an Off-Road Crawl Cruise Control Mode

—Seat heat/cooling controls are now built into the temperature knobsmy16-seatcontrols

—Cooler Box is now a no charge option with certain packages
—Heated windshield delete is now available
—Interior color changes, except SVAutobiography, lower interior trim changes to Ebony for Ebony/Ivory, Ebony/Tan & Ebony Pimento
—Twin blade sunvisor for front and side use
—Soft Touch Coating on interior trim replaced with Hard Coating – We are changing interior switches
/ buttons / trim bezels from a soft touch coating to a hard coating for increased durability.
—Fixed Panoramic Roof with Power Blind now available for North America

—Hands-Free Gesture Controlled Power Tailgate – Uses foot motion sensors under the quarter


—Color changes – some new, some discontinued: two new exterior colors at 16MY: Waitomo Grey and Carpathian Grey Both colors are Metallic. Havana and Causeway Grey have been discontinued. Aleutian Silver will no longer be available after October 2015

—Rear camera washer
—Infrared Reflective Glass, All US and Canada market vehicles will have standard IRR Glass. This improves passenger comfort by reducing Infrared solar radiation.
—Active Grille Vanes for improved aerodynamics – This was something talked about when they first announced the current Range Rover

—InControl Remote and Protect becomes standard
—Remote Start and vehicle status from a smartphone
—InControl Apps becomes standard
—Improved camera resolution, 1.2 megapixel resolution and uses four cameras – one less than previously
—New Infotainment menu layout
—Driver Assistance Pack now includes a Heads-Up Display

Model lineup:
SVAutobiography replaces Autobiography Black as the pinnacle of the line.
—This includes the introduction of the 550HP Supercharged V8.
—This engine is applicable to SVAutobiography only, and replaces the 510HP version.

—Changes to prices
—D&D charge is now $995

InControl Touch Pro in the new XF reveals more of what’s to come for Range Rover infotainment & digital gauges


It sounds really good on paper – we’ll have to see how good it is in real life. 

InControl Touch Pro

The all-new Jaguar XF is the first model to feature the equally new InControl Touch Pro™ infotainment system. At the heart of InControl Touch Pro is a 10.2-inch capacitive touchscreen. There are no buttons on either side, instead, all the functionality has been neatly integrated into the bottom section of the touchscreen.


"Jaguar InControl Touch Pro is the most sophisticated infotainment system we’ve ever developed and uses a quad-core processor, solid-state driver and Ethernet to deliver exceptional performance. The 10.2-inch touchscreen and features such as our latest navigation that can learn your commute make every journey in the all-new XF more rewarding." – Ian Hoban, Vehicle Line Director, Jaguar XF

Like a smartphone, the home screen can be customized; wallpaper can be set to any image, and widgets can be added to provide shortcuts to favorite features. It’s even possible to add extra home screens. The touchscreen also features ‘pinch to zoom’ gestures familiar to all smartphone users.

Map data for InControl Touch Pro™ is stored on a solid-state drive (SSD) that can be accessed in a fraction of the time taken with conventional hard drive systems. Dead-reckoning functionality, which interprets vehicle data up to 40 times a second, can accurately position the vehicle even when GPS signals can no longer be received.


Utilizing a data connection enables even greater functionality and location-based features and information. The all-new XF offers door-to-door route planning and guidance incorporating public transport options, Commute Mode which learns your daily drive so that it can automatically offer alternative routes to avoid congestion using historical and real-time traffic information, and Approach Mode which shows a 360° interactive view of your destination when you’re approximately 650ft away.


On-board, Gracenote album art stored on the SSD drive enrich the music listening experience while functions such as ‘Play more like this’ make it simpler to access all of your favorite tracks. Adding to the experience, InControl Touch Pro™ includes a 17-speaker, 825W digital surround sound system developed with renowned British audio experts Meridian™. The system benefits from the Meridian Trifield™ and Audyssey’s MultEQ XT technologies which ensure optimum sound reproduction with benchmark low levels of distortion.


The modules which make up InControl Touch Pro™ are connected using Ethernet. With a bandwidth of up to 1Gbit/ second, Ethernet can handle massive amounts of data, enabling very high infotainment system performance.

Together with a powerful quad-core processor and the solid-state drive, Ethernet allows InControl Touch Pro™ to deliver smooth graphics and extremely fast response times. These two technologies also ensure that the system’s capability can be further enhanced in the future.

Reconfigurable, 12.3-inch full-TFT instrument cluster

It only took Jaguar Land Rover using the digital gauge cluster tech for 5 years before they make something that actually competes with other manufacturers who started later but didn’t seem to compromise.  It does look good!