2014 November

MY2015.5 doesn’t bring too many changes to Range Rover, mainly a $400 SOS option

Very thankful to my source on this one and for the tips that I should actually try to find this document.

No big changes but always an interesting read, still studying for any new details. 

One thing I found interesting, although there are practically no added-cost options for the Autobiography, you still have to add $400 for InControl Remote & Protect.


Click the image above or here to download the full PDF (MPR14-37)

We need more functional details but here’s justDrive from Jaguar Land Rover. Looks neat but…

So JLR has announced a new app for the InControl system but I’m still unclear how it all works together and why this new app ecosystem needs to be created.

And one final bit of rant – is the InControl button always on the side of the touchscreen?  Does every app actually have to waste that much screen space for a “home button”?  Seriously, lose the MODE button if that’s the case.

Press release is below the image.



  • Jaguar Land Rover announces next stage of its award-winning InControl infotainment and connectivity platform
  • Silicon Valley’s CloudCar develops voice-activated multi-purpose app, justDrive, for use in Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles within company’s proprietary inControl Apps system
  • Using one of the most advanced voice recognition packages in the world, justDrive offers the driver a unified, voice-enabled interface with a wide variety of apps and services including Spotify, Twitter and Yelp
  • Jaguar Land Rover opens its first overseas R&D facility in Portland, Oregon, to develop future infotainment and connected car technologies

LOS ANGELES – Jaguar Land Rover has announced the launch of justDrive™, an industry-leading app technology that integrates multiple smartphone apps into a single, voice-activated in-car experience.

Developed by Silicon Valley-based CloudCar™, Jaguar Land Rover has optimized justDrive™ for its InControl™ platform for both Apple iOS8 and Android phones. ‘justDrive for Jaguar Land Rover’ integrates popular apps and services, such as Spotify, Twitter, Yelp and others, to give Jaguar and Land Rover drivers an unprecedented level of connectivity for navigation, media, social interaction, voice search and information services while minimising driver distraction.

justDrive will join 17 other apps including Stitcher, IheartRadio and Parkopedia currently in Jaguar Land Rover’s InControl Apps in-car infotainment system. Free to download, justDrive is available from early 2015 and offers drivers continuously updated apps and services throughout their vehicle ownership.

Dr Wolfgang Epple, Director of Research and Technology, Jaguar Land Rover, said: "Our InControl system already allows the driver to plug their smartphone into the vehicle and then safely control their apps through the vehicle’s touchscreen. The apps are enhanced for in-car use, so it is exactly like having your smartphone installed in your dashboard.

"Today, we are advancing our InControl system a stage further and to the forefront of the industry with the launch of justDrive. This moves the driver from the task-oriented, app-specific touch-based use of individual apps, to full control of all chosen app content through plain natural speech or touch interface."

justDrive uses one of the most advanced plain speech recognition packages in the world, so customers can communicate naturally with their car, rather than using simple syntax commands. justDrive’s intelligence takes care of finding the best results for a user’s request from among the many applications and services that it has aggregated. So instead of the driver having to specify which navigation provider to search for when looking for the closest gas station, they can simply ask justDrive for directions.


The driver can dictate and then send a tweet or SMS by simply saying: ‘Tell George I’ll be late’, with justDrive reading the content of the message back to you before it is sent. You can also ask justDrive to play a particular song, just by asking for it.

"While our aim is to significantly enhance the driving experience through unprecedented levels of connectivity, we also want to reduce driver distraction. So we have worked closely with the CloudCar team to ensure justDrive is ‘right for driving’," added Dr Epple. "Using speech as a key enabler, together with justDrive’s simple and clean user interface, means we only show essential information to help create a safe, non-distracting driving environment."

New technology research centre opens in Portland

To support the development of other future innovative infotainment technologies, Jaguar Land Rover has opened its first overseas R&D facility in Portland, Oregon.

The $3m (£2m) Open Software Technology Center will focus on the development and application of advanced connected technologies and will help lead the development of future Jaguar and Land Rover infotainment systems.

The 15,000 sq.ft facility features a multimedia creative suite, innovation spaces, a development laboratory and a six-bay vehicle workshop. It employs a team of around 30 infotainment specialists, including 16 highly experienced software engineers.

Dr Epple said: "Our new Open Software Technology Center will create many more opportunities for Jaguar Land Rover to collaborate with some of the most innovative and ground-breaking technology companies in the world.

"Not only will the Portland team augment the skills of our 240-strong team of infotainment engineers in the UK, but they will develop and lead research projects with large and small technology companies up and down the West Coast. We want to help guide the technological direction these innovators are taking as they help us develop exciting new in-car experiences for our customers in the future."


Notes to editors:

  • justDrive joins 17 others apps available on the Jaguar Land Rover InControl Apps system including: AudioBooks, Calendar, Cityseeker, Contacts, Eventseeker, Hotelseeker, iHeartRadio, Mileage tracker, MobileDay, Music Player, NewsBeat, Parkopedia, News on Board, NPR, Rivet Radio, Stitcher, Sygic.

For the rangerovers.net board – Ambient / Mood Lighting on the 2014 Range Rover

The Ambient / Mood Lighting system on the 2014 Range Rover, it’s a neat gimmick.  The image below shows the control screen and the colors in counter-clockwise order.  The final three images were shot from the back seat and give a further idea as to what changes.  Door pocket lighting also changes.


Two Range Rover Limited Editions coming to USA for 2015MY

Another great find from the rangerovers.net board, the Black Design Pack gets added and the option boxes get checked for the North American Market Range Rover Limited Editions.  All the info can be found below in the MPR13-20 bulletin from JLR NA.  No pricing yet.mpr13-20

Click image above or here for original PDF

Limited in both trims:  HSE (500 vehicles) & Supercharged (400 vehicles – 300 SWB / 100 LWB)

HSE: Includes all standard Range Rover HSE features plus the following content:
• Santorini Black Exterior
–Ebony Interior with Ebony Seats
• Ebony Headliner
• Grand Black Lacquer Wood Trim
• Heated Wood and Leather Steering Wheel
• HSE Badge Deleted
• Black Design Package – Includes the following exterior components
in Santorini Gloss Black:
–Front Grille
–Exterior Mirror Caps
–Exterior Accents
–Range Rover’ Branding on Tailgate and Hood
–Bumper Vanes
–Toweye Cover
–Tailgate Plinth
–Hood Finisher
–Side Vent Graphic
• Black 21" Style 901 Wheels
• Vision Assist Package
• Meridian™ Premium 825 Watt Surround Sound System with 19 Speakers including subwoofer
• InControl™ Apps

Supercharged: Includes all standard Range Rover Supercharged (or Supercharged Long Wheel Base) features plus the following content:
• Fuji White Exterior with Santorini Black Contrast Roof
–Ebony Interior with Ebony Seats
• Ebony Headliner
• Grand Black Lacquer Wood Trim
• Heated Wood and Leather Steering Wheel
• Black Design Package – Includes the following exterior components
in Santorini Gloss Black:
–Front Grille
–Exterior Mirror Caps
–Exterior Accents
–‘Range Rover’ Branding on Tailgate and Hood
–Bumper Vanes
–Toweye Cover
–Tailgate Plinth
–Hood Finisher
–Side Vent Graphic
• Black 22" Style 707 Wheels
• Vision Assist Package
• Rear Seat Entertainment
• Four Zone Climate Comfort Package
• Meridian™ Premium

LinkedIn always comes through with interesting Jaguar Land Rover tips – L462, L663, X761, L560, L538C, 16MY, 17MY, 18MY

A September post on fullfatrr.com, outed the Holland & Holland Range Rover well in advance of yesterdays official reveal.  Within that post was some info from a JLR contractor’s LinkedIn page.  LinkedIn has been a great source of this type of info for a long time.  I’ve posted a few times in the past using info from those pages – specifically about the InControl system designers.

And now we get some new confirmed model numbers and info that (Jaguar) Land Rover nerds will love – nothing secret just interesting and one search leads to another…  And this info is all out there, so it’s obviously not news in the urgent sense but this post lets me put it all in one place.

L462 is the next Discovery / L663 is the next Defender

From that post:


BAK Automotive Development Limited

May 2014 – Present (7 months)Jaguar Land Rover – Gaydon

Working specifically within the Engineered to Order Department (ETO), which has recently been renamed SVO department, or Special Vehicle Operations.
I will be working on the design, development and project management of special vehicle models, concentrating on, exterior and interior trim parts, across all special variants of the Jaguar and Land Rover models, which will include parts such as unique front and rear bumpers and valances, sculptured rocker panels, sports trims, side rails, mud flaps and boot lid spoilers.
I am currently working on the following vehicle line ups:-
L494 – Range Rover Sport SVR 15.5MY
Wheel Arch Extensions – SPATS
Bumper / Fender Bracket
L405 – Range Rover Holland and Holland 16MY
Bespoke Front Grille
L462 – Discovery 17MY
Door Rubbing Strips
L663 – Defender 17MY
RMDV2 Input
Project 7 – 16MY
Water Management – Drain Bag
"B" Pillar Seals
Modified Door Window Regulators
I also work closely with the supply chain to deliver the above items efficiently and to build schedule.


Then another search leads to a document that should sit behind a secure webpage but lucky for us it doesn’t.

The Jaguar and Land Rover STA Guideline: Programme What to Where submission requirements, that lists all of the upcoming models for suppliers submissions to JLR.  The document is from May 2014.  While it is publicly accessible I’m not going to link to it directly nor post all of the contents of the document, but here’s the interesting bits:

L405 Current Car  
L494 Current Car  
L405 14MY  
L405 Hybrid  
L405 LWB  
L405 15MY & 15.5MY First mentions of 15.5MY
L405 / L494 (D7u) 16MY These are platform related? D7u
L462 L494 & L405 (D7u) 17MY Same as above but adding in the Discovery Sport
T5 Current Car & 15 & 16MY Only T5 left is the LR4/Discovery 4
Defender Current Car  
Defender 2015 / 2016 MY  
XK / XF / XK Current Car  
X152 AWD /16MY Here’s the F-Type AWD model that was just announced
X152 Convertible  
X152 Coupe  
X250 14 MY  
X250 RS  
X260 This is the next XF
X351 14 MY  
X760 Jagaur XE
X761 This is the Jaguar SUV, teased as the C-X17 concept
L359 Dead man walking for most of the world
L550 Discovery Sport
AJ200 Petrol Ingenium Engine
AJ200 Diesel Ingenium Engine


I’ll close this out with a few more interesting random LinkedIn Experience posts, my italics are for emphasis:

PMST Leader Discovery 3 & Range Rover Sport
Land Rover

January 2000 – December 2002 (3 years)gaydon, england

Bonnet and fender PMST leader for the T5 platform that included a Defender replacement which didn’t continue and the Discovery 3 and the original Range Rover Sport.


On the item below it’s the “C” at the end of the L538 that makes it interesting.  The L538 is the Range Rover Evoque and the C indicates the convertible model.  They first showed it back in 2012 but from the various L538C posts, it appears the engineers are still working on it.

Lead DM Engineer
Jaguar Land Rover

April 2013 – Present (1 year 8 months)

D8 Platform:


This one was dated July 2013 – Present and adds even more model numbers and model years.  The X761 is the Jaguar SUV.  The L560 may be the all new Range Rover model that Gerry McGovern dropped hints about a few weeks ago.  And except for the X760, the other Jaguar models are all future products.

Programmes involved:
X760 16MY/17MY
X260 16MY/17MY
X261 17MY
X761 17MY
L560 18MY
X360 18MY


Way too much text, done.