2014 April

The Age of Discovery is now, but let’s remember where it all began…



And some great scans of the original Press Kit, click through for everything:

Land Rover Discovery - Original Press Kit (1)

Land Rover Legend Roger Crathorne ‘Heads For The Hills’ After 50 Years Service

Good luck to Mr. Crathorne, it’s going to be weird when a new Land Rover comes out and him not being involved with the reveal in some way.  Official PR to follow, last paragraph is best.


Whitley, UK, 27 March 2014 – Roger Crathorne, one of the best known and most highly respected Land Rover employees for more than five decades, is retiring from the company.

From Royalty, VIP customers and senior military figures to journalists from all over the world, global explorers and countless generations of company management, Roger is known simply as ‘Mr Land Rover’.

As an instructor, he has passed on his vast knowledge and experience of off-road driving in the world’s most inhospitable regions to thousands of people; all with passion and patience.

Dr. Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, commented: "Roger has been instrumental in the development and promotion of Land Rover’s breadth of capabilities for over half a century. His enthusiasm, vehicle knowledge and his deep understanding of the philosophy of the company, right back to the beginning, is unsurpassed. Roger has been an outstanding advocate for Land Rover, and his contribution has undoubtedly played a part in the global success we are enjoying today. He will be missed and I wish him all the best for the future."

Roger joined Land Rover in 1963 as an apprentice, but the story of his association with the company starts even earlier than that. Roger was born in 1947 in Lode Lane, Solihull at the local hospital – less than a mile from the factory where, at the exact same time, the idea for the first Land Rover was being conceived. Appropriately, ‘Born in Lode Lane’ became the title of his memoir, published in 2008.

After serving 15 years in engineering, and being closely involved in the development of the first Range Rover, Roger’s reputation as an off-road expert came to the fore in 1978 when he became head of the company’s vehicle demonstration team. The team went on to become Land Rover Experience which itself celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. The brief was simple – to showcase the outstanding off-road capabilities of Land Rover vehicles to people of influence.

Soon after he began working with media on press events, Roger took a role within the global PR team. His ability to cut to the heart of a new vehicle’s technology and communicate it in simple terms was invaluable as the brand expanded into new markets worldwide. Most recently, Roger has been Land Rover’s Heritage, Enthusiast and Technical PR Manager.

Speaking of his long career, Roger said: "I have worked on some great projects in product development, marketing and PR. I have visited some fascinating places with some great people and many have become good friends."

He added: "I thank everyone for their great support, friendship and camaraderie, and I will be taking away some wonderful memories. In my new life, I will be taking the ignition key of my old Land Rover off the hook and re-educating myself with choke pulls and double de-clutching."

This is some crazy sh*t – Discovery Vision Concept’s Transparent Hood(Bonnet) Technology! #ReadyToDiscover

I usually find a lot of this concept tech to be over the top but for some reason I actually believe we could see something like this trickle down to the actual vehicles.  Land Rover’s really staying on top of their game and pushing the technology forward with more than just apps.  Full official PR at the bottom of the post.

LR_Discovery_Vision_Concept_Technology_Teaser_090414_01 (1)

In the image below, it almost looks like an odd reflection but that’s the live image of what’s happening literally under the hood.  Also, a look at a Land Rover HUD that we’re going hopefully soon in the Range Rover Sport.

Discovery Vision Concept_Technology 1


· Land Rover Concept vehicle features “Transparent Hood” virtual imaging technology which is designed as an aid in off-road driving and tight spaces

· Using camera images projected onto a full width heads up display at the bottom of the windshield, this technology provides visibility of what is underneath and directly front of the car, with visualizations of otherwise hidden obstacles

· The “Transparent Hood” technology is part of a suite of new concept technologies which will be showcased in the Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept car at the 2014 New York International Auto Show

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Land Rover to reveal new Age of Discovery concept at New York Autoshow #ReadyToDiscover


· Discovery Vision Concept car to debut at the New York International Auto Show

· New concept will showcase the design and technology vision for a future new family of Discovery vehicles

· Pioneering technology from Jaguar Land Rover’s Advanced Research will be previewed for the first time

(MAHWAH, N.J.) – April 2, 2014 – Land Rover will debut its vision for a new family of premium SUVs at the 2014 New York International Auto Show.

The Discovery Vision Concept car will showcase the essence of a future family of SUVs built on Land Rover’s key principles of emotive design, unrivalled capability and ultimate versatility.

Gerry McGovern, Design Director and Chief Creative Officer for Land Rover commented, “Discovery has been pivotal in helping to build the foundations of the Land Rover brand. It is admired all over the world and loved by its strong customer base. We have created the Vision Concept to share the essence of Land Rover’s new age of Discovery and to debut a new, compelling, relevant design direction that connects on an emotional level with customers of today and tomorrow.”

Follow the excitement as the story continues to unfold over the next two weeks on Land Rover’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and join the conversation using #ReadyToDiscover