2013 November

Land Rover’s USA site has been updated for Range Rover LWB configuration and 2014.5MY, a few bugs remain

Range Rover: Build your vehicle


The pricing and options have been updated for the 2014.5MY, although not all vehicle base prices match the ones they announced the other day – only the LWB models line up with those.

It’s nice to see everything up there now.  I noticed a slight positioning bug when choosing interior trim options.  As seen below the trim is just slight off.  I thought it may have to do with the LWB addition because the trim does look fine when configuring an LWB but it does affect both the front and rear seat.



Jaguar Land Rover Announces Plans To Work With Intel To Deliver Next Generation In-Vehicle Technologies

This is good news, just too bad it didn’t come in time for the “All-New” vehicles in 2013 & 2014.


  • Collaboration with Intel enhances Jaguar Land Rover’s research into future vehicle infotainment
  • Jaguar Land Rover to further strengthen its technology focus with new R&D centre in Portland, Oregon
  • The new centre has been located to enhance collaboration on research and product development with Intel and other leading IT businesses

Jaguar Land Rover will enhance its research and product development on future vehicle infotainment technologies through a new collaboration with Intel and the opening of a new Technology R&D centre in Portland, Oregon.

Jaguar Land Rover’s new research facility on the West Coast will help lead the development of future vehicle infotainment systems and will be responsible for collaborative work with a number of technology partners. The location of the centre has been chosen for its proximity to the technology industry hubs in Silicon Valley and Seattle, where Jaguar Land Rover has been developing collaborative partnerships with the world’s leading IT businesses and creative and technical talent.

Jaguar Land Rover and Intel have already begun work on multiple levels across engineering, research and marketing as Jaguar Land Rover progresses its ambitions to deliver the best in-car infotainment experience. The close proximity of Jaguar Land Rover’s new research facility to Intel Labs is enabling a collaborative relationship on research projects.  Multiple programs are underway to explore and develop next-generation digital vehicle prototypes with in-vehicle cockpit experiences that connect car, device and cloud.  The insights gained from the research programs along with alignment on engineering efforts will speed development on new innovative in-vehicle experiences.   

Dr Wolfgang Ziebart, Jaguar Land Rover Engineering Director, said: "Our aim is to innovate and develop the ultimate user experience for our customers and by taking a collaborative approach with both technology start-ups and large organisations such as Intel, we will push the boundaries of future infotainment technology.

"Working with Intel will help both partners define and develop platforms and systems appropriate for premium global brands like Jaguar and Land Rover. This will ultimately develop unique and innovative technologies that will continue to drive the appeal of our products. Our research and the partnerships we are developing in the US will help us ensure our new products remain innovative and globally competitive."

Elliot Garbus, vice president and general manager, Automotive Solutions Division, Intel Corporation, said: "Consumers expect their in-vehicle experiences to be an integrated part of their digitally connected lifestyle; this requires enhanced levels of connectivity and intelligence in the car.  As part of our work with Jaguar Land Rover, we are exploring innovative ways to inform, entertain and assist drivers and passengers in a safe way; speeding development of unique experiences from the car to the cloud.  Our goal is to accelerate opportunities for new types of in-vehicle services and applications in the Internet of Things."

Creating the new technology centre in Portland and the collaborative partnerships it supports will accelerate the creation of the next generation of in-car technologies, features and software for future Jaguar and Land Rover models. The Portland facility will be Jaguar Land Rover’s first dedicated software R&D operation and will lead the optimisation for automotive applications of a range of new advanced technologies that are currently being developed on the West Coast.

The new ‘Open Software Technology Centre’ in Portland, which will open in 2014, will complement the established Jaguar Land Rover infotainment team based at the company’s product creation facility in Gaydon, UK. It will employ a team of around 30 infotainment specialists, including 16 highly experienced software engineers. Facilities will include a multimedia creative suite, innovation spaces, development laboratory and a six-bay vehicle workshop.

In the future, the Portland technology centre will also complement the long-term research projects that will be undertaken by the Jaguar Land Rover R&D team at the National Automotive Innovation Campus (NAIC) at the University of Warwick when it opens in 2016. These research projects include electrification, smart & connected cars and Human Machine Interface.

Long Wheelbase LA Intro brings 2014 Range Rover price rise and variants

While only expecting the limited edition Range Rover Autobiography Black, the LA Auto Show reveal brought us something extra.  The Long Wheelbase version won’t just be limited to the top of the line variant  It also will be available on the Supercharged and standard Autobiography’s, bringing along a $5000 premium.  All other models increase for 2014 by $1000 or so.


U.S. Models and 2014 MSRP: (Pricing Effective Jan 1, 2014)
Range Rover: $84,195
Range Rover HSE: $89,195
Range Rover V8 S/C: $100,995
Range Rover V8 S/C (LWB): $106,195
Range Rover Autobiography: $137,645
Range Rover Autobiography (LWB): $142,995
Range Rover Autobiography Black (LWB): $185,000
Range Rover Autobiography Black (LWB) with Valloire White Paint: $199,500




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Range Rover Heritage Vehicles Photo Shoot


More details of the changes coming for the 2014.5MY Range Rover

A reader was kind enough to provide me with the Range Rover 14.5MY Product Brief Update.

It’s available as a PDF to download here: Range Rover 14.5MY Product Brief Update

Some interesting items I’d like to call out.

First glimpse of the actual buttons used for the new InControl system:


That’s the Optimised Land Rover Assistance button located on the left hand side and SOS Emergency Call button on the right.

Two material changes (blue arrows below):14.5my-material-updates

Steering Wheel Airbag Cover: from 14.5MY, the steering wheel airbag cover will be manufactured from a non-leather material, replacing the leather cover which previously featured.

Vogue 2nd Row Seat Bolsters:The 2nd Row seat bolster which features on Vogue derivatives will be manufactured from a non-leather material, replacing the leather which previously featured.

Microphone Performance
The apertures of the microphones have been enlarged for improved audio performance via Bluetooth.

Grand Black Lacquer
Following customer feedback indicating a preference for Grand Black Lacquer, this finisher has replaced Figured Macassar as the standard condition. 14.5MY orders which do not indicate a preference will be manufactured with Grand Black Lacquer.

Parcel Shelf Design Improvement


In order to respond to customer feedback, an additional fold will be added to the parcel shelf design. The change will see the parcel shelf fold three times instead of twice, to allow for improved load space flexibility. This change will be made in production from Quarter 1 2014.

Rear Seat Entertainment with 10.2” Screens

We’ve seen this in the Range Rover Autobiography Black Long Wheel Base, but it’s not just limited to that model:


Driver and Front Passenger Upper Seat Articulation

I’m so happy they’re bringing this back.  It appears to be an option on the Autobiography & Vogue SE, so I hope we see it here in the States as well, as an option.


Driver and Front Passenger Upper Seat Articulation further extend the available seating features for Vogue SE and Autobiography derivatives, helping to provide significantly improved comfort levels. The feature allows the driver and front passenger to adjust the upper squab section of their seats as shown in the image above.

That’s it for now, I’ll doing another post with a break down of some of the new tech.