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2013 Range Rover, Emergency Park Release and Volvo Delivery Logistics #NewRangeRover

We got the Owner’s Handbooks a few weeks ago and now the Volvo Logistics site has been updated with transport direcions for the new Range Rover, dubbed there as the PLA 405.

You can go read the 43 page document here, detailing how the new Range Rovers needs to prepared and operated during transportation.

The item I took notice of was one I had written about before.  With the change from a standard gear level to the rotary gear selector, there needs to be a way to get a completely dead Range Rover into neutral for towing.  Similar to the Jaguar & L322, it’s hidden under the cup holder.  These instructions are just for informational purposes, and are focused more for the transporter than the final owner.

The actual procedure is not given in the 2013 Range Rover Owner’s Handbook, they just give a little warning text:

The recovery agent MUST activate the Emergency Park Release before towing commences. This procedure is covered in a separate publication for service personnel.




  • When should this process be used?

The process should be used to release the transmission from Park to allow vehicle recovery when normal methods are unavailable due to engine, power supply or transmission failure. Risk assessment for any Health & Safety risks/hazards should be carried out prior to using this process. It is recommended that this process is carried out by trained professional recovery operatives.

  • What should I try before starting this process?

Try to enter transmission service mode. This is attempted by turning the ignition on then keeping the brake pedal and the upshift paddle held for over 10 seconds. The selector should rise and allow N to be selected by moving the selector out of the P position.

Another Russian 2013 Range Rover video, why did the Russians get to have all the fun? #NewRangeRover


Even more details than we’ve seen so far, notice the Autobiography text in the center rear seat back.  It’s been mentioned but not shown.  They also do a neat unwrapping of the ubiquitous Land Rover camouflage.

Thanks Jean!

2013 Range Rover in Russian video, may not understand it but most real world footage thus far #NewRangeRover

2013 Range Rover, Development, Manufacturing, and Testing Pictures #NewRangeRover

56 pictures, click below to check out the entire gallery:




2013 Range Rover, Owner’s Handbook posted on TOPIx #NewRangeRover

The Land Rover TOPIx site provides all sorts of technical information, we’ve posted about it before.  Some is free and some requires a subscription, which can be had for just an hour at a time if needed.  Although I thought I was keeping a close eye on it for L405 information, it was a post over on RangeRovers.net that let me know it was live. 

Prior to UK launch, a vehicle listed as LXXX with no further information appeared on the site.  Then post launch, it changed to Range Rover (All New) / L405 with the proper graphic.  First the Quick Start guides showed up, then the actual Owner’s Handbook.

It’s always fun reading through this stuff and finding some new bits of info.  While all subject to change and might not necessarily be anything new(compared to the Sport or Evoque), these items interested me.

  • As listed, there is a Dual View section in the UK version, but it’s missing from the US version, looks like we won’t be seeing it here.  I had hoped it would make it for the 2013 model.  It’s probably a government red tape issue, but Mercedes Benz sells it on the S-Class, so it’s obviously not completely outlawed.
  • 10 CDs can be ripped and stored on the internal hard drive.
  • Audio can be streamed from a compatible Bluetooth device
  • Global opening no longer opens the sunroof
  • Climate seats are now controlled through the touchscreen, maybe something more like 40% less buttons wouldn’t have been a bad thing.
  • l405-climateSome Climate controls are also moved to the touchscreen, I see this as more of a wash, since you lose the ability to quickly set where the air flow is going, you do gain the capability of discreetly setting the individual front passenger airflow.  I like that.



  • Off-Road 1 height is 1.6 in (40 mm) above normal height up to 50 mph (80 km/h).
    Off-Road 2 height is 2.9 in (75 mm) above normal height up to 31 mph (50 km/h).
  • All headlight controls have moved from a dial on the dash to the left stalk on the steering wheel.l405-lights


  • Powered tailgate buttons only open top section, then you manually press the button on the lower section to open that.  Pressing the close button will then close both sectionsl405-tailgateinst


  • l405-childsafetyChild safety locks for the rear doors are now controlled electronically from the front seat.  The button that previously was used to lock the rear window controls and front passenger seat away, now also disables the rear door handles.  I actually like this one quite a bit.




I think that’s it for now, there’s plenty more but I think I’ve bored you enough, have fun!