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It’s all but official now, the NAS market(USA) will not be seeing the Rotary Transmission Selector nor will we be seeing the Touch screen Rear Screen Entertainment(RSE) controller for 2011.

They are saying that the Rotary Selector was designed for use with the 8-speed transmission found in the new TDV8 models.  And I’m assuming we won’t see the Paddle-Shift either.  The thing I don’t get with this decision is that the US spec Range Rovers use the ZF 6HP28 transmission.  That’s the same transmission used in the Jaguar XF – the first vehicle to use the Rotary Selector system in the Jaguar/Land Rover family.  So there’s obvious compatibility at the system level and on top of that, they went to the trouble to engineer & implement the rotary selector but then not utilize it across the range.  This feels to me like they still have a surplus of BMW-era shift levers and want to run down the supply.

There was no specific reason given for the RSE Touch screen to not be sold here – my guess is that it’s just too cool, therefore the US doesn’t get it.

So instead of this:


We’re still stuck with this (btw – there are more buttons on the back):

Land Rover Rear Seat Entertainment Remote Control


Prior to Land Rover un-officially confirming this – there were signs that we weren’t going to see it.  A great ibis1 post from the web board of the official 2011 Range Rover Product & Pricing Summary, did not mention the shift paddles, rotary selector or touch screen controller for the RSE.  The official Land Rover US Media site had no specific text or pictures of the 2011 Range Rover beyond one single exterior shot and the basic press release.

I know we’re getting to the end of the line for the L322 MKIII Range Rover – and in the past these last year or so models have gotten some big changes, more bells & whistles as standard (see the ‘95 Classic, 2001 HSE 4.6), so I had though we were going to see this here.

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