2009 September

Holland & Holland Range Rover by Overfinch

All the official shots from Overfinch of their new special edition are up on the ROVERHAUL galleries – some parts are great, but I’d prefer it to have some actual Range Rover badging and I’ll actually say it – less wood trim on the front center console – the rear center console it great!

On the exterior, the exhaust tips & trim have a great look, everything else seems like more subtle tweaks and again I wish they’d stick a “Range Rover” somewhere on there.

Production will be limited to 100 units annually with prices starting from around £120,000 – which includes the wood trim matching shotgun & they’ll replenish the alcohol for a year.

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2010 Range Rover – Start/Stop While Moving

Not something you really want to be doing but it’s not as simple as just removing the key from the dash with the introduction of the Smart Key for 2010:

Switching off the engine

With the gear selector in position P, press the engine START/STOP button. The engine will
stop and the ignition system will return to convenience mode.
Caution: It is not advisable to switch off the engine while the vehicle is moving. However,
if a situation arises where engine switch off is urgent, the following procedure applies:

1. Press the START/STOP button for a total of two seconds, or

2. Press the START/STOP button twice within two seconds.
With either method the warning message ‘Engine Stop Button Pressed’ will be displayed

Rolling restart
A rolling restart can be initiated by selecting transmission neutral position N and pressing
the engine START/STOP button. Now select D.

2010 Range Rover – Unlocking mode alternatives

Although it can be done through the instrument panel menu as well, the unlocking mode can be changed from the Smart Key itself.  It can be unlocked using either Single or Multi-point entry. Single-point entry is a security feature that unlocks only the driver’s door when the unlock button is pressed. To change from Single to Multi-point entry (or vice versa), press both the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously for three seconds. The hazard warning lamps will flash twice to confirm the change.

2010 Range Rover – Reclining Rear Seat Controls

More of the minutia I love – here are the controls for the new Reclining Rear Seats.  This is the first time we see that the rear controls can logically only move the passenger seat forward and for those controls to work, the rear window isolation switch needs to be off.

Can’t wait to try these in person, the rear seats have always been a little too vertical and the lumbar feature looks good too.

Reclining Rear Seats

2010 Model Year – Surround Camera Supply Issues

So there had been some rumors of supply issues with the new Surround Camera System with people getting notified that their vehicles delivery would be delayed.  Now thanks to the http://www.disco3.co.uk forums, there’s official word from Land Rover – check out this PDF