2008 September

Latest Range Rover Refresh Spy Shots from Motor Authority

Check them out – the first real shots of the updated interior for this latest refresh:




There’s a lot of camouflage, but the first real shot of the updated interior. The HVAC area buttons look to be flatter and some seem to have chrome accents. The obvious steering wheel changes, meaning maybe an updated screen – maybe more Jaguar like, like the LR2.


I bet these buttons correlate with the Jaguar XF controls like the ones in the spy shots from a few months ago – now they’re packaged for the RR.

And the gauge cluster looks like it’s camo’d too, again like those older spy shots, it’s probably a Jaguar-like cluster there.

Also if you notice the label on the steering wheel “WARNING NO ACC CRUISE MESSAGES” – looks like we may be getting ACC in The Range Rover. I wonder also, if ACC may account for the rectangular cutout on the driver’s side front bumper camo.

Can’t wait to see some more – especially interior shots.