2005 June

LRNA Site finally has it Live – RR Sport

Land Rover NA finally added the Range Rover Sport to the main menu:


They also have the new commercial spot online:

First hand pictures – 2006 Range Rover Supercharged

Range Rover Supercharged Gallery

Click on the images above for the entire gallery

Range Rover Sport Links

UK Accessories Guide & Price List from Tim in Scotland over at RRSPORT.CO.UK

Also check out: http://RRSPORT.CO.UK, a new RRSport specific site with forums.

eBay Search – Range Rover Supercharged

The car isn’t even here yet and people are already selling, badges,
grilles & power vents:


Some misc articles

Range Rover: Beauty or beast?

Traffic Jam: Activists Bring Range Rover Production to a Halt

The Cloned Ranger
– This one has some good info, but also has a lot of factual errors, guy didn’t seem to like the RR in general.

Ford names Aston Martin design director – This one was interesting, prior to joining AM, he had a hand in designing the Range Rover. He also did that Ford Fairlane concept that had a few Range Rover styling cues.
Big Boosted Brit – Nice RRSC Review from Edmunds