• Published On: July 3, 2023

    Already rolling out to the I-Pace from that non-Land Rover, Jaguar “brand family of vehicles”, and at least one Defender in the UK, Pivi Pro 4.0 had arrived!

    Applies to:
    20MY & 21MY & 22MY & 23MY & 24 MY L663 Defender.
    L560 Velar, L462 Discovery, L550 Discovery Sport, L551 Evoque
    22MY & 23MY &24MY = L460 Range Rover
    23MY & 24MY= L461 Range Rover Sport

    Jaguar “brand family of vehicles”:
    X761 F-Pace, X260 XF, X760 XE, X590 I-Pace, X540 E-Pace

    Markets where InControl Accounts are supported:
    To provide greater flexibility and opportunity in future updates, it’s been necessary to redevelop Profiles (referred to as Accounts after the update).

    Please Note: Only personal settings and navigation destinations as part of a Profile linked to a signed in InControl Account PRIOR to this update will be preserved. Profiles not linked to a signed in InControl Account will need to be recreated after the update.

    Markets where InControl Accounts are not supported:
    Profiles will no longer be supported following this update and therefore personal profiles will no longer be accessible.

    We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause.

    This update brings a number of significant new features as follows:
    New features
    – The Interactive Driver Display (where fitted) can now display Google Maps when Android Auto is in use or Apple Maps when Apple CarPlay® is in use. Please note: Support for this capability via other navigation apps is subject to the necessary updates being released by their respective developers. The Digital Driver Display and Analogue Dials with Central TFT Display are unsupported.

    Apple CarPlay map as seen on a Defender in the UK:

    Android Auto Maps on an I-Pace in the UK:

    As seen in Canada on an L460 2023 Range Rover:


    – Apple iPhone Favorites contacts can now be accessed directly from the Pivi home screen phone tile or via the contacts tab within Pivi’s Phone app.

    – Following feedback, we’ve added a phone reminder which can be displayed when you shut the vehicle down for those vehicles with Wireless Device Charging.

    – The Pivi Pro navigation app for Range Rover & Range Rover Sport PHEV vehicles can now display a range overlay on the map. This is visible when no destination is set.

    – Wireless Android Auto & Wireless Apple CarPlay is now available in more countries.

    Features we’ve improved or changed:
    – We’ve made changes to the traffic info and the text color making it more useful and readable. This especially improves the available information when the Interactive Driver Display is in full screen map view and the traffic list is shown.

    – In the Navigation / About settings the map information now shows the date each region was last updated. Note: the region your vehicle is located in is automatically updated over the air in most markets where there is a valid Connected Navigation Subscription.

    – The Map & Service subscription expiry date is now visible from the map information screen.

    – Phone settings have been reorganized combining Bluetooth and Android Auto / Apple CarPlay settings.

    – A variety of bug fixes and general performance improvements.

    – Profiles are now referenced as Accounts in the touchscreen.

    Please Note: Availability of features can vary by vehicle specification, model year and market.

    Specific to I-Pace:
    – Enhanced High Voltage battery cell (primary battery) health monitoring/management. This is a required update and forms the delivery of the recall remedy for safety recall H441.




  • Published On: July 1, 2023

    PSA: The Smart Key backup location “Engine Start Backup” for the new L460 Range Rover is near the cupholders and not on the steering column. There has been some confusion on this, are dealers educating?

    This is used when the Smart Key isn’t detected.  There will be a graphic shown on the gauge cluster but not everyone seems to notice it.  Smart key not detected, smart key not recognized, etc…

    To carry out the engine start backup procedure:

    1. Slide the cup holder rearward to access the USB switch pack.
    2. Position the smart key on the markings of the switch pack.
    3. While holding the smart key in position, firmly press the brake pedal.
    4. Press and release the engine START/STOP button.

    Once the engine starts, release the brake pedal, if it is safe to do so.


  • Published On: June 25, 2023

    Here’s the presentation deck:  JLR Investor Day 2023

    Gotta love this one and the way the disclaimer is wonderfully de-emphasized Pricing transparency, with clear labeling showing the $30k we need to pay over sticker, but don’t blame JLR. Also they capitalized “Retailer” but not “defender”


    Poor Jaguar, they push “A Copy of Nothing” line with the images showing classics. They really want to forget about the recent ones. Did they even exist?






    JLR is saying that dropping Land Rover from Defender, et al. will increase sales 5.5% in the USA?


    Also probably need to work on proofing more, new brand should probably get a capital.


    Really hope better attention to detailing is going into the BEV cars that will save the company.


  • Published On: June 20, 2023

    5/17 – 2024 Range Rover
    5/31 – 2024 Range Rover Sport (SV)
    6/14 – 2024 Discovery Sport
    6/21 – 2024 Range Rover Evoque

    It felt like something would be happening today.  I wonder if they refresh the Discovery next week??

    Quoted from the PR:

    At the beginning of every journey, drivers are presented with a Pre-Drive panel for fast access to commonly used features, such as window demisters and heated seats. Once on the move, it disappears to reveal the familiar three-panel home screen that can be customized with trademark Pivi Pro intelligence and flexibility.

    We need to see the Pre-Drive in action – could this be that Shortcuts menu?

    Also Evoque has Autobiography trim level for 2024 but no SV… hahaha

  • Published On: June 19, 2023

    As seen at a Range Rover Sport SV event – what appears to be a customizable Shortcuts tile for Pivi Pro.  Finally being able to disable Auto Stop/Start from the main screen!  The drop down option for the SV menu also alludes to interesting UI.

    This is going to be really helpful for owners after the MY24 physical controls apocalypse.

    We have to keep an eye out for what it will actually let us add there.

  • Published On: June 14, 2023

    All touch, all the time.

    The last purchasing guy must have been related to someone at the gear shift factory.