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I forgot I did this - I still find this very clever ha

Factoid Extra:@neilmbriscoe @TopOfTheTower @t2stu @DarraghMcKenna @StvCr 2021 sees the 30th anniversary of the Range Rover CSK (made to mark the car’s 21st anniversary).
I thought the CSK was a 2dr, but in 1991, Jaguar Rover Australia created their own version & this was a 5dr...

This is unnecessary shade: JD Power Reliability Study Reveals That Expensive Telsa You Want Is About As Reliable As A Jaguar - AutoSpies Auto News

Land Rover double the @JDPower Vehicle Dependability Study Industry Average!

Lexus only got an 86 - how lame!

244 > 81 - that's a fact hahahaha

Higher is always better, right? Right?? #winning 😂

The whole Jaguar Land Rover Reimagine thing – are these teases of next Range Rover or just current models under the silk?