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Keeping a classic #LandRover in fine form can be a challenge but we're making life easier for you at by manufacturing top quality, high specification totally accurate bulkheads for your #LandRoverSeries

Check out: McLaren Elva has no windshield, but fancy ducts keep the wind out | Autoblog via @therealautoblog

I'm willing to bet that every function on the Renault 25 V6 Turbo's dashboard could be operated by feel without taking your eyes off the road.

Nearly there and it’s getting closer to the door. Just need some miles on it now... but that’ll have to wait. #seriesI #holdenpowered #landrover #soclose

This coin test video shows just how smooth the V12 in the Rolls-Royce Phantom is!
If you're impressed please retweet. (If you think the engine is a bit noisy - that's just the phone mic being sensitive to that frequency. Inside the car you hear NOTHING!)