Someone in China has taken credit for my site! I feel truly legitimate now, it’s like those knock-off iPhones!


This is separate of Ovalnews, but I still think it’s amusing.  This site is an off-shoot of my original site  On that site I documented my year long frame-off restoration of a 1971 Land Rover Series IIA.  It’s still very popular, I get questions & comments constantly.  I was going through the stats on the site; always checking out the largest and most interesting referring sites.  Tonight I found a Chinese language webboard with a 26-page long thread in which the author “documented” the restoration of “his” 1971 Land Rover – funny thing was, all of his pictures were mine.  He cropped all of our faces, used filters and watermarked each one.  He really went to some trouble to make it like it was all his.  On one hand I almost feel bad because it’s pretty pathetic and on the other hand I’m just mad.

But, it is what it is – still made me laugh out loud.  Best post was the one where someone else pointed out that he was a fraud using this image he posted – this is dedication:


My original:


And another amusing post in which someone said he should use a better camera, he had a response but in actuality it was state of the art digital camera for 2003!

Go check it out and you can decide if he’s really the one who did the restore, haha.  This thread has been viewed 109,000 times.

Hey that’s me! (or is it????)