Range Rover Evoke

What and where is the L486?

Land Rover has various designations for their different models, not sure if they’re technically code names or just alternate ways to reference the vehicles.

Here are a few of the current models:

L316 – Defender

L319 – LR3 & LR4 – Discovery 3/4

L320 – Range Rover Sport

L322 – Range Rover – Current model(2002 –Range Rover - L322 today), below is a picture used in some technical documents, I don’t have a picture like this for the other models.

L359 – LR2 – Freelander 2

L538 – Range Rover Evoque

L405 – Possible code for the next Range Rover

And back to the point of the post, the L486, it’s been referenced in the press since 2008 or so and has been described by them as a 7-seater Freelander, possibly to be called the Ventura.  I take anything from the press with a grain of salt, but since 2008, it hasn’t really been brought up again. 



I wrote about it back in April after finding some of the designers who worked on the project.

And just thought with the LA Auto show going on and Land Rover PR running at full steam, anyone who has a chance should start asking the LR PR people for comments for reactions.  Or if you have any info, send it over.

Quick reference back to my article from April, here’s the info, a small reference to the L486 along with the L538, which would become the Range Rover Evoque:


This person has done a lot of work for Aston Martin & Bentley – they list the specific items.  The latest project is listed below:

WARWICKSHIRE (Oct 2007 & ongoing)

Initial design and feasibility studies for the following components: door claddings, rear spoiler, rear finisher, front and rear bumper cover, fender vents. Parametric modeling in Catia V5 to create fully modifiable master CAD models. Use of TCE to save and access data and create product structures. Liaison with styling, CAE and suppliers to mature designs.

Could the L486 be the 5-door Evoque?

And if you have some more current generation code names, please let me know.

One final item, you can see the alternate names in use all over the Land Rover website, below is a header graphic for the Range Rover Sport section, you can see the L320 in its filename:



2012 Range Rover Evoque–Finally some real information, here we go…

So with about 8 more days to go until the official Paris reveal, Land Rover has lifted the embargo and given us all more specific info on the new Range Rover Evoque then all the previous Evoque news releases combined.

The exterior we’ve seen in various forms for a while now, it’s the new interior pictures that really give us an idea of what this vehicle will be.  There’s A LOT of Jaguar XJ in there from the steering wheel to the controls on the doors and window controls.  And the main 8” display also looks different from current Land Rover designs.  It did get the rotary shift knob, which I guess works with the Ford-made 6-speed that I believe is also used in the LR2 – I guess technology could be adapted to a non-Diesel “Range Rovers” after all?

The actual press release has a huge amount of info that I really want to comment on, so I think I’ll break it up into different posts – there will be Range Rover Evoque overload throughout the next few days.

Like I said prior, I think we’re seeing cues of what we’re going to see in the next real Range Rover.  And this does again keep the actual Range Rover in it’s perpetual game of catch-up to all other vehicles with the actual latest technology.

Here’s the full press release for download, it’s the North American version, I’ll take a look at the UK version as well.


Is the Range Rover Evoque, the 2010 production version of the Range Stormer?

Land Rover did their first-ever concept to preview a new production model back in 2004 with the Range Stormer.  It was our first intro into what would become the first addition to the Range Rover line – the Range Rover Sport.  The Sport was done when they showed the concept for the first time.  So it was more like they took a soon to be released vehicle and created a concept from it.  That’s all old news though, what I wanted to say today was something that caught me off-guard.  We’ve seen the Stormer since 2004 and the final 2-door Evoque was revealed back in June.  The Stormer always seemed to me as a blurry vision of the Sport, what I mean by that is, squint while looking at the Stormer from a distance and it’s a Sport.  However, if you really look at it today, it’s an Evoque with 2004-era Land Rover styling.  And I’m sure the 2-door version is biasing my opinion, but look at how many cues are there.  And I do of course realize they should have similar cues if they’re all basically “Range Rovers.


Look as those wheel arches that intersect the hood line.  Roof line looks closer to Evoque then Sport.  Hood louvers.




Big spoiler & Angular Exhaust – And they both seem to have glass roofs.



And I’ll close with a no longer valid & somewhat now sad quote from the 2004 Range Stormer Press Release:

Like all Land Rovers, the four-wheel drive is engaged permanently…

It’s the “Like all” part that really shows its age.

Range Rover Evoque prototypes go undercover

From the Land Rover UK Flickr account – the worldly camouflaged Evoques:


Range Rover Evoque – Close ups

There aren’t too many pictures out there of the new Range Rover Evoque.  And there aren’t any pictures of the interior.  I zoomed and cropped some of the pictures they’ve given us.

Headlight assembly – those fog lights seem like a lot of bling, but the whole effect looks good.



Here are a couple of the hood vents, I assume they say Range Rover.



And finally a couple shots of the interior, not sure if those seats will see final production.



We can see both the car they revealed and the one used in the official press shot are Left Hand Drive with those red sport seats.