Pivi Pro OS 3.3.2 Release Notes

OS Release 3.3.2

This release introduces a number of feature and performance improvements as well as bug fixes to the vehicle’s connectivity module:

Good news! Breakdown and emergency voice calls can now be made over a 4G/LTE network, enhancing  capability and ensuring your car is ready for the future. Support is subject to market and mobile
network availability

Enables more vehicle modules within your vehicle to be updated over the air

What’s Improved:

– Reduced the possibility of a false theft alert notification during a network outage

– Remote app functionality: Improvement to the response time for vehicle interaction requests

– Resolves issues where the app may have displayed an incorrect vehicle data/status

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Pivi Pro OS 3.3.1 Release Notes

OS 3.3.1 Release Notes

In this release are enhancements to multiple areas of your vehicle’s propulsion and chassis systems including, but not limited to:

– Logic improvements to the gear shift selector resulting in easier gear selection in specific situations

– Enhanced gear shifting refinement

– Engine calibration refinements to improve drivetrain operation

– Engine calibration updates to improve extreme low temperature engine start performance

– Engine efficiency improvements for Jaguar E-PACE, Range Rover Evoque and Discovery Sport AWD vehicles

Please note: The above are dependent on vehicle including, model year and powertrain/engine specification. This update is highly recommended to ensure peak performance and refinement of your vehicle’s powetrain.

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Pivi Pro OS 3.3.0 Release Notes

OS 3.3.0 Release Notes

Included in this release are performance enhancements to the Pivi infotainment system along with stability improvements to Amazon Alexa, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and connectivity improvements.

This release also includes a number of new and improved features.

What’s new:
– Additional options for assigning to the steering wheel favourite button (diamond icon) Available options vary by vehicle specification and model year.

– New control added to the navigation home tile to allow easier back and forth switching between Pivi Pro navigation and Apple CarPlay / Android Auto navigation apps.

– Revised start-up/shut-down experience: Welcome screen shown earlier and touchscreen remains on for longer after vehicle shutdown to allow settings to be changed at end of journey.

Additional controls available via the Pivi speech recognition system:
– Heated and cooled seat control e.g. “Hey <wake word> set passenger seat heating to 2′

– Place of interest support improvements e.g. “Hey <wake-up word> I’m hungry” or “Hey <wake-up word> find a coffee shop near me”

– Turn navigation voice guidance on/ off e.g. “Hey <wake-up word> voice guidance on/off”

Navigation improvements:

– Improved Pivi Pro navigation experience for commutes.

– View traffic on your commute in the homescreen navigation panel.

– ETA (estimated time of arrival) information added to the homescreen and Interactive Driver Display when in a commute.

– General commutes performance improvement including ‘auto start commutes’

– Personalised Routes – With the system having learnt your regular routes (Learn My Routes enabled in navigation settings), Personalised Routes (enabled in navigation settings) will aim to incorporate the roads you know best into your journeys towards regular destinations.

– Enhanced Smart Voice Guidance experience (enabled in navigation settings along with Personalised Routes): Provides voice guidance only on the sections of your route you are less familiar with e.g when traveling towards home on roads you’re familiar with voice guidance will automatically mute. If diverted on to unfamiliar roads, voice guidance automatically unmutes.

– Waypoint information is now also shown in the home tile.

– 11.4 and 13.1″ screens only: More effective use of the available screen area used by the navigation support panels.

General Improvements:
– Improved calibration for wireless charging when used with Apple MagSafe devices.

– Multiple UI/UX improvements.

– Multiple usability enhancements to the USB media interface.

EV vehicle only improvements:
– Select the preferred minimum charge level (charge comfort level) the navigation system uses in planning charging stops.

– Improvement to the accuracy of the predicted range when a destination is set.

– The recommended charge level when arriving at a charge stop is shown for longer.

– Significant performance improvement to the range map (shown only when no destination is set).

– Charge Station Brand Filters. From saved destinations, you can now access the list of ‘Providers Preferences’ and select your preference for each brand from preferred to avoid. Searches for charge stations will then be ordered accordingly.

– Live Apps such as Weather & Parking (where available) will be deleted as part of the update. These are typically automatically downloaded and updated on the next available journey (subject to connectivity).

– PHEV / BEV vehicles only: Please disconnect the vehicle charger and ensure the vehicle battery has a minimum charge level of 25% before starting the update.

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Pivi Pro OS 3.2.1 Release Notes

OS Release 3.2.1

This release introduces a number of feature and performance improvements as well as bug fixes to the vehicle’s connectivity module:

What’s New:
– Expands the number of vehicle modules within your vehicle which can be updated over the air.

– Additional guidance provided for over the air software updates – for example, troubleshooting when an update doesn’t complete.

What’s Improved:
– Enhancements to the “Secure Tracker” feature in the event of the vehicle being stolen.

– BEV/PHEV Vehicles: Charging status and start/stop charge request improvements.

– Resolves an issue where a ‘SOS system limited functionality’ warning may be displayed in error in the Driver Display.

– Resolves an issue where sound from the front centre speaker (Centre speaker equipped Sound Systems only) may momentarily drop out after 60 minutes of driving.

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Pivi Pro OS 3.2.0a Release Notes

OS Release 3.2.0a
Functionally same as 3.1.0 but now for all MY22 vehicles

We’ve been listening to your feedback and packaged up a number of improvements to the performance of our Driver Assistance technologies, all designed to enhance your driving experience

Adaptive Cruise Control:

– When changing lanes, we’ve improved how the vehicle detects the speed of traffic in the new lane,  allowing for a more responsive, and yet smoother adaption to the speed of vehicles ahead

– Overall refinements to traffic awareness, resulting in a smoother transition and adjustment of the vehicles speed when following vehicles

– Auto-resume from a standstill (for example when queuing in traffic) has been extended to 30 seconds, from the previous 3 seconds

– General performance improvements

Driver Condition Monitoring:

– The system logic for displaying Driver Fatigue messages has been updated to account for when the driver is already slowing down with the intent to pull over

General Improvements:

– Traffic Sign Recognition – improved recognition performance, reducing cases where signs in side roads may have been detected causing an incorrect speed limit to be displayed

– Automatic Emergency Braking / Forward Collision Warning – Scene detection performance improvement to reduce the possibility of the system mistakenly providing an emergency alert

– Automatic Emergency Braking Unavailable messages – The self-diagnosis system has been improved to reduce cases where these messages may have been incorrectly displayed

– All Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) – Removed the possibility to set Adaptive Cruise Control whilst ATPC is in standby

Please note: The availability of the above features is dependent on vehicle specification

PHEV only: Please note that for a short period of time, you may experience some disruption in your EV  capabilities after the update has installed. Software updates require at least 25% battery charge

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