Is this what we’ll see for the MY2015 Range Rover Family?

I don’t post too many rumors, they just don’t interest me and most never come true.  That’s why I haven’t posted anything on the “Grand Evoque” or “Evoque XL” that we’ve been reading about.  Are we sure this “Grand” model isn’t just the next Evoque on the new Jaguar aluminum platform?

Now call me a hypocrite – the info below was posted on a few Land Rover forums and while it may just be wishful thinking on my part, I do hope it’s true.  After using the ICE (NAV/Audio/Etc) in my sister’s 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, the current gen Range Rover system is an embarrassing joke.

Enjoy and thanks for letting me post it Steve.

From SteveK/Stevek1173:


JLR has already stated that updates will now be annual. This recent trend has proved very encouraging in terms of sales performance year on year. Sweeping midlife updates as in all previous generations will not happen from this model onwards (the new Sport is included in this new strategy).

  • Updates are generally circulated to dealers around the Feb/Mar time frame for the following MY updates. This information is generally not communicated to the end customer so as not to compromise current MY sales. However the growing eagerness and interest of people together with the help of forums such as this one helps customers in hearing of the possible changes coming, albeit earlier than the manufacturer would like.
  • I understand the current improvements coming for MY15 are as follows :
    Significant update to engine range to meet euro 6 emissions and improve mpg (requirement for all new cars effective Jan 1st 2015).
  • Possibility of the new Hotfire JLR engine to join line-up as an entry level model. The new engine factory is due to open in Wolverhampton, UK in March 2014. It’s confirmed for the Sport in MY15. Not available in all markets and U.S. will not be one of them, unfortunately. Unless you all complain I suppose!
  • Significant update to infotainment, GPS and accompanying seating controls via touch screen display. Think Apple IOS meets Telsa S. This will feature throughout the JLR range and is something they have been working on for sometime. Featuring a HD screen albeit with the loss of the dual view function currently available (this is due to the dual view technology currently unable to work with HD screens apparently). This new system is ‘wow’ I’m told and finally features such things as album artwork a la iTunes.
  • 9speed ZF auto gearbox standard throughout range as previewed and available now on MY14 Evoque.
  • Torque Vectoring standard throughout range.
  • Airbag deployment within seatbelt restraints standard on AB optional on rest of the range.
  • Driver Head-up display standard on AB optional on rest of the range.
  • Heated front seat armrests standard on AB optional on rest of the range.
  • Improved climate seating cluster.
  • Terrain Response 2 standard throughout range.
  • Extra large water bottle standard throughout range.
  • Improved LED mood lighting standard on AB optional on rest of the range.
  • Full LED lighting throughout the vehicle standard throughout the range.
  • 3 new body colours including options of all body coloured gills and sill line.
  • 3 new interior wood choices.
  • 3 new wheel designs.
  • LWB model to be officially announced and available Sep/Oct 14.
  • RS higher performance model to be officially announced and available Sep/Oct 14.
  • 5 year one off payment service pack as available in the New Range a Rover Sport and Evoque models.
  • The MY15 model is available for delivery Sep/Oct 2014.

I must stress that this is the current plan as I understand it and as of now. A lot can happen between now and next year! Many of the items still depend on passing the testing process and/or manufacturing partners ability to deliver to the timeline.