Pivi Pro OS 4.1.4 Release Notes

Published On: April 2, 2024

Pivi Pro 4.1.4_
OS Release 4.1.4_

This update includes a number of general interface and performance improvements as well as resolving the following specific issues. Thank you for your feedback.

– Maps in the Driver Display may be replaced by a blank area
– Audio may continue to play after exiting the vehicle.
– The interface for suspension ride height may freeze
– Apple CarPlay / Android Auto icon on the homescreen opens the incorrect screen.
– The last used radio station is incorrectly recalled on the next journey.
– Correction to the ride height dimensions in the 4x4i app ‘dimensions’ tab on applicable vehicles.
– Sound may be played through the incorrect audio channel on Meridian Sound System on 23MY.

This update also brings improvements to the following features and systems:
– Touchscreen stability.
– Bluetooth stability.
– Apple CarPlay stability
– Diagnostics for the main HV battery.
– Charging on applicable PHEV vehicles.

– Improvement to driveability and smoothness at low speeds (V8 engines).
– Resolves the possibility of a false engine warning light being shown (applicable Diesel and V8 engines only)

—Editor’s note: this one had some interesting punctuation, all as written