MY24 InControl Account Activation Issues

Published On: November 19, 2023

This will probably be fixed soon enough but thought posting could help people searching if they’re stuck.

A bug in the InControl activation process causes issues with certain special characters in an email address and/or passwords not complex enough.

If unable to successfully activate InControl on an MY24 vehicle

WORKAROUND 1 – Email address format:
There is currently a bug within the new ADTS process where the use of an email address which contain certain special characters (.) (-) (_) will result in a login failure on the PIVI screen. Whilst there are many combinations that can be rejected, the most common two we have found:

• Email addresses containing a hyphen (- )

• Email address that contain two dots ( . )

Example of email address which will fail: /
Example of email address which should work:

WORKAROUND 2 – If an InControl account already exists for the user:
1. Confirm with the user whether their existing password meets the criteria outlined below:
• A minimum of 12 characters in length
• No character occurs more than twice consecutively
• Contain at least one capital letter
• Contain at least one numerical character

If the user’s password does not meet the above criteria, recommend that the user/customer resets their password prior to attempting the activation process and proceed to step 2.

If the password already meets the above criteria, no password reset is required and you can proceed to step 3.

2. If the password has been reset, confirm it is working by having the user/customer log into the InControl Owner Portal

3. Prior to starting the activation process, please ensure the TCU Reset Routine is ran via TOPIx Cloud

4. In the vehicle, start the engine and leave it running. Before trying to sign-in to InControl, perform a PIVI Cold Boot. This is achieved by pressing and holding the volume/power button in until the PIVI screen goes black and restarts**

5. Go to Settings > Connectivity and ensure that both Mobile Data and Wi-Fi options are disabled

6. Go to Settings > All > General > InControl Services > Sign In to InControl

7. Sign in using InControl email and password

8. Upon successful sign in, this should complete the activation of services. Please ensure the vehicle is an area of good network connectivity and the engine remains on for at least 5 minutes If the above steps are not successful, please refer to the workaround above for the scenario “If an InControl account already exists for the user”


**Editor’s Note: Technically step 4 isn’t correct for MY24 vehicles which no longer have a volume/power button.  For those, it’s a press and hold on steering wheel phone button for 15 seconds.