$12,000 1/8 scale Land Rover Series IIA Model

PH43[1]When I first saw this, it took a few minutes to sink in, these guys offer an insanely precise 1/8 model based on the 1964 Land Rover Series IIA.  This is the picture that really put it in perspective, literally:




Here’s their photo gallery:


The little details really are great, from someone who actually has touched almost every bolt on one of these Land Rovers, I can really appreciate it.   And then there’s the price, it really is $12,000, made to order and you can specify options you’d prefer like Right hand drive, without soft top, colored soft top, etc…  The steering is functional as are the doors, hood & tailgate with real scale hinges.  Door tops can be removed and more.

They even offer just the chassis for $800 or the engine & gearbox for $1500.

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