Land Rover “Blank Space”

Just something I noticed – Land Rover has been using obviously blank space/uneven spacing in a few different places.

Here’s the updated Terrain Response controls for the the coming 2011 Range Rover – why didn’t they just center the icons – is the Range Rover getting the Sport’s Dynamic Response mode?  Just seems odd to be so off-center.2011RangeRoverTerrainResponseMissing

Then on the latest iteration of the Land Rover US Website – the home page also has a glaring blank spot.


I realize there isn’t a vehicle available here to fit in there just yet, but why not do a better redesign and spread the items across evenly?  All they did was take the UK layout and remove the Defender.  I don’t think it would really be that difficult/cost that much to do a slight redesign for one of their biggest markets.