Range Rover LRX Mule on the Ring

Last month, the LRX mule was caught on the Nurburgring and you can see they are hiding something in with that different rear of the vehicle.

I’m hoping they keep a lot of the specifics they showed on the picture dated September 24th, with the Range Rover branding.  And I wonder how much will makes it way up the ladder for future updates across the line.

It has the clamshell hood and the floating roof, but look at the door handle used, that looks like something from the new Jaguar’s and not in the current LR models.  The headlamps also have a different design from the current models, obviously a lot more sweeping, but will they be as recognizable as the current ones – you can usually see a Land Rover coming in the dark just from noticing the round headlight pattern, which is even more obvious with the LEDs in the 2010 refresh.  And the side vent has a more horizontal stretch(Also Jaguar XJ like).  All of these cues have me wondering if we’re looking at the first clues to what the next real Range Rover may look like.

Small Range Rover

LRX Mule

LRX Mule

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