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Range Rover Velar Photography Story Book (64MB PDF)


Click here to download the Range Rover Velar Photography Story Book, 64MB PDF – it’s a big one!

Apparently those ‘Magic’ Rotary Switches aren’t so magical in the USA…


DOT regulations probably don’t allow for magic, I assumed it was just hyperbole.

Range Rover Velar behind the scenes shot shows a Range Rover Steering Wheel Refresh

In one of the behind the scenes shots, we can see a steering wheel that’s not from a Velar or a Sport or an Evoque but it does look a lot like the current L405 Range Rover design with the new Velar controls…

They’re officially described as:

"The steering wheel features capacitive switches which benefit from situation-based options and even allow the driver to programme specific functions."


Original Image showing Touch Pro Duo in development


Some more new graphics for the gauge cluster on the Range Rover Velar, Central Speedometer!


Interesting graphic in the Range Rover Velar gauge cluster "R Dynamic"…