2017 Range Rover Remote Climate rises bread! Just wish it would actually start the car in a timely manner(or at all)…

Finally getting something that officially remotely starts a Range Rover sounds great in concept!

Here’s a fun official video from Land Rover’s Hibernot series, they may need to add a disclaimer that video was accelerated for film:

These screens are more common for me but luckily I rarely double my car as a proof box:


InControl Touch Pro on the F-Pace and what we might expect for Land Rover #kindred

Some great minutia videos from an F-Pace Forum member, who coincidently turns out to be a "neighbor" of mine(I can see where I live when he brings up his route planning map).

Full list here, and a few to check out right now…

Pre InControl Touch Pro October 2016 updates:


Post big InControl Touch Pro October 2016 updates:

InControl Touch Pro demo videos, still unavailable on Range Rover in 2016

Not sure why they all need the same 22-second pre-roll – they’re not TV shows, just one to six minute instructional videos.  My only reasoning is that maybe it’s to make us think it’s a sitcom because of how funny it is that none of these features are still available on a real Range Rover in 2016.

1948: Pre-production Land Rover testing at Anglesey


10.2” InControl Touch Pro: My Home looks a lot like Windows 8, resizable tiles and such


Those resizable tiles look a lot like the original Windows 8 Start screen – nothing wrong with that, just a visual comparison.


There are four customizable My Home screens for the user to name and then add & resize whatever shortcuts or widgets they’d like. 

Here’s the video for the 8” system on the MY16 Jaguar XJ: