SVO Badged LWB Range Rover showed up in London today, Two Tone Paint & Quad Tailpipes

Very interesting find!  It could be someone actually ordered their own SVO special or this could be one of the special editions that have been mentioned recently.



Here’s the badge from the Range Rover Sport SVR, the SV part does look like it could be the same as from the pic in the tweet:

Range Rover Sport SVR (26)

Long Wheelbase LA Intro brings 2014 Range Rover price rise and variants

While only expecting the limited edition Range Rover Autobiography Black, the LA Auto Show reveal brought us something extra.  The Long Wheelbase version won’t just be limited to the top of the line variant  It also will be available on the Supercharged and standard Autobiography’s, bringing along a $5000 premium.  All other models increase for 2014 by $1000 or so.


U.S. Models and 2014 MSRP: (Pricing Effective Jan 1, 2014)
Range Rover: $84,195
Range Rover HSE: $89,195
Range Rover V8 S/C: $100,995
Range Rover V8 S/C (LWB): $106,195
Range Rover Autobiography: $137,645
Range Rover Autobiography (LWB): $142,995
Range Rover Autobiography Black (LWB): $185,000
Range Rover Autobiography Black (LWB) with Valloire White Paint: $199,500




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Exterior features of the Range Rover Autobiography Black (lots of chrome)

With this latest special edition came the first major round of exterior tweaks, specific to the Autobiography Black:

Autobiography Black Badging & Signature Rear Lamps – along with a  glimpse of the new chrome horizontal trim

Range Rover Autobiography Black (2)


Updated finish for front grill (and a green oval!)Range Rover Autobiography Black (3)


Side vents get refreshed look with chrome additions and the L badge for the LWB. Land Rover seems to be into these new door badge designations lately – with the Hybrid and the 2014 Discovery getting them too.  I really like how the side vents look, it’s a great compromise between the full Atlas vents and the standard body color.

Range Rover Autobiography Black (17)


Here’s another view of the front, the changes to the grill are more noticeable.  The auxiliary vents now getting a metallic surround.  I’m not a huge fan of what they did with those vents.  The metallic vents are one of my favorite little details on the regular Range Rover Autobiography.  But on that model only the horizontal fins are metallic, the actual surround stays body color.  Too me it just seems more elegant with the metallic fins just floating in body color.  This looks heavier and more slapped on.

Range Rover Autobiography Black (4)

And finally the 21” 7-spoke polished chrome wheel


I like it.

Range Rover Autobiography Black, The Long Wheelbase Range Rover returns

Range Rover Autobiography Black (14)

Land Rover officially announced the new Long Wheelbase version of the All-new Range Rover, it’s revealed as a special edition, Autobiography Black.


  • Long wheelbase Range Rover extends customer appeal*
  • The ultimate SUV alternative to saloon cars in the long wheelbase market
  • First Range Rover long wheelbase in 20 years
  • Debuts at LA and Guangzhou motor shows
  • Autobiography Black launched as the new pinnacle of the Range Rover line-up*
    • First class exclusivity and luxury combined with true Land Rover breadth of capability
    • Debuts at Dubai motor show
  • First customer deliveries from March 2014*
  • Over 840,000 Range Rover vehicles sold since launch in 1970

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Range Rover LWB to add Side Window Blinds & an audio system to aide communication with the chauffer

Details are still sketchy but it appears side window blinds, also found in many competitors vehicles will be added to the Long Wheelbase version of the new Range Rover.  Not sure if we’ll see this in the SWB models.

They’ll operate with no added buttons – with the windows closed, another pull up on the switch will raise the blinds.

Similar to what you see here in the S-Class:

Also for the LWB, they’ve added what’s being called, Conversation Assist.  It’s described as:

Conversation assist enables the front and rear occupants to speak to each other, aided by the
vehicle’s Audio system.

Conversation assist offers 3 options:
• Off: Touch to switch the system On/Off.
• Low: Touch to select low volume.
• High: Touch to select high volume.

My question is this – How far back do you really sit in the LWB, it’s only 10” longer?!  I wonder if there’s some sort of partition?