Eagle-eyed Jaguar Owner Spies CarPlay & Android Auto in F-Pace SVR

We’re still hearing this could show up for all running the latest InControl Touch Pro (Duo) software version starting later this month…

You can read more about Chris JD’s find here:

Thanks all who helped on this one!



And let’s never forget the icons included in early InControl Touch Pro builds:

Again right in front of our eyes – Range Rover Velar interior explained via Jaguar I-PACE

Three column display for InControl Touch Pro Next; below left is the I-PACE concept and right is from the Range Rove Velar teaser.  Broad strokes but obviously where they’re going.


The I-PACE "flightdeck" graphic also informs on some Velar guesses


Capacitive Switches; hidden-until-lit controls that do have haptic feedback when pressed.


Lower Touchscreen for climate and more:


InControl Touch Pro on the F-Pace and what we might expect for Land Rover #kindred

Some great minutia videos from an F-Pace Forum member, who coincidently turns out to be a "neighbor" of mine(I can see where I live when he brings up his route planning map).

Full list here, and a few to check out right now…

Pre InControl Touch Pro October 2016 updates:


Post big InControl Touch Pro October 2016 updates:

10.2” InControl Touch Pro in Action – Responsive infotainment from Jaguar Land Rover????

With the lowest of hopes, I can comfortably say that InControl Touch Pro well exceeds expectations.

MY17 Range Rover can’t get here soon enough…

10.2” InControl Touch Pro: Home shortcuts sound very useful

So it looks like they’re making good use of the widescreen and introducing shortcuts to the main InControl Touch Pro Home screen icons – as shown in 2, 4, 7 & 10 below.  You can press the smaller buttons for shortcuts to various topical functions.


1. Phone: Touch to select the PHONE screen.
2. Phone shortcut: Touch to select Voicemail when a phone is connected, or the PHONE screen when no phone is connected.
3. Left arrow: Touch the arrow or swipe the screen to the right, to select the MY HOME screens.
4. Media shortcut: Touch to select the media shortcut:
• CD, Bluetooth® and USB: Alternate between play and pause.
• Radio: Station mute.

5. Media: Touch to select the media screen. If the Media system is already switched on, then touch to select the current media source menu.
Note: When the system is active, current information for the media being played is displayed.
6. Climate: Touch to select the FRONT CLIMATE screen.
7. Seats shortcut: Touch to select the SEAT COMFORT screen.
8. Status icons: Displays the status of a vehicle feature or application.
9. Right arrow: Touch the arrow or swipe the screen to the left, to select the EXTRA FEATURES screens.
10. Navigation shortcut: Touch to set a destination or to cancel guidance if a destination is already set.
11. Navigation: Touch to select the NAVIGATION assistance map.
12. Park Assist icon: Press to switch PARK ASSIST on/off or to switch the screen on/off (on vehicles without Park Assist fitted).For vehicles with Park Assist, the screen can be switched off via the SETTINGS pop-up menu.
13. Parking Aids icon: Touch to switch 360° PDC on/off.
14. Camera icon: Touch to select the CAMERA screen.
15. Seats icon: Touch to select the SEATS screen.
16. Settings icon: Touch to select Home Settings, via the SETTINGS pop-up menu.
17. Home icon: Press to select the PREVIEWS screen.
18. Return icon: Touch to return to a higher menu level.