Be sure to take advantage of free Land Rover ICTP quarterly map updates, latest added red light camera alerts on Long Island for me


Two audible beeps before getting to intersection and if in Navigation, camera icons appear on maps and text message displayed in right pane.

Pictures from the Range Rover Velar Event, InControl Touch Pro Duo, Dash material pattern and others





Ovalnews Mock-up 2017, Is this what The Range Rover could look like with InControl Touch Pro Duo?

Photoshop’s Perspective Warp really helped to make this mock-up.  I know it’s not perfect and there is plenty to nitpick but the general concepts are there – InControl Touch Pro Duo, Steering Wheel Controls, Gauge graphic from Velar, Removed controls rear of Rotary Gear Selector.  I was going to stick a Land Rover logo on there but couldn’t get a version I liked.


Here’s my mock-up from July 2015 showing what we thought ICTP would look like in the Range Rover.  When it finally showed up in 2017 it was quite close…


Analysis of 3-column InControl Touch Pro (v.Next) in Range Rover Velar

New HOME screen (sorry, my editor/CDN messed up the text quality)

Current HOME screen2017 Range Rover InControl Touch Pro (1)

Further to my "Hit Settings Everywhere" in InControl Touch Pro, birds eye camera view now shows when reversing…

This was something I had seen on an F-Pace before but didn’t think it existed on Range Rover.  Again having thought I checked everywhere, I didn’t check in the most obvious place, the Settings screen for the feature itself when accessed with the main feature on-screen – as in, bring up the Cameras and then hit Settings and I found I could turn this on:


I wonder if I didn’t have 360 PDC, would the birds eye view move to the far side and the reverse camera view get wider?

Settings screen:


Here’s what Landscape view looks like: