Range Rover Velar in Norway, InControl Touch Pro Duo highlights

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InControl Touch Pro Duo spied in the Range Rover Sport

Thanks for the tip Steve!

From a Russian language video by proAutoTV (Instagram), we see an externally camouflaged but internally exposed Range Rover Sport with InControl Touch Pro Duo.


InControl Touch Pro Hardware Internals – Infotainment Master Controller

FCC tests give us a great internal view of the InControl Touch Pro Infotainment Master Controller, an Intel Quad Core 1.9 GHz Atom based system with 4GB of RAM and a 60GB SSD in the US market

ICTP internals1ICTP-internals-legend

1 Satellite Radio Module antennas
2 AM/FM antennas
3 GPS antenna
4 Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi antennas
5 Infotainment Slave Controller (ISC)
6 Audio Amplifier Module (AAM)
7 Telematics Control Module (TCU)
8 Diagnostics port (not used)
9 Main connector – Power, Ground, CAN Bus, Microphone Input, Fan Control, LIN (Steering Wheel Module – SWM)
10 Camera Control Module (CCM)
11 Instrument Cluster (IC) (APIX2)
12 Touch Screen (TS) (APIX2)
13 HDMI from Portable Media Interface Panel Front (APIX2)
14 USB 3.0 (and SIM) from Portable Media Interface Panel
15 USB 2.0 Hub linked to digital disc player; also connected to the electronic toll collection module when fitted (Japan only)

ICTP internals4ICTP internals2ICTP internals3

ICTP internals-TUNER1ICTP internals-TUNER2-1ICTP internals-NET2ICTP internals-SDARS2

ICTP internals-MB1ICTP internals-MB3ICTP internals-MB4

August 2017 software updates bring these enhancements to the 2017 Range Rover and others


PATHFINDER Software Release – 0030, dated 8/2017

Applies to:
17MY Range Rover / L405
17MY Range Rover Sport / L494
17MY Discovery / L462
18MY Range Rover Velar / L560

This update includes the following enhancements to InControl Touch Pro:

Improvements to the system. This is to address concerns relating to the touch screen being blank following a vehicle restart after an immediate shutdown.

Improvements to the camera system. This is to resolve concerns relating to the message ‘Camera system not available, consult your Dealer’ displaying when reverse gear is selected.

Improvements to Bluetooth phone call handling. This is to address concerns relating to Bluetooth audio sound not muting or lowering when receiving phone calls, and the navigation guidance overriding the phone call audio.

Improvements to voice commands. This is to address concerns relating to the feedback accent not being heard when using voice commands, and the selection of phone categories when using voice commands in Spanish.

Improvements to the navigation system. This is to address concerns relating to the navigation guidance continuing after reaching the destination, and the navigation system forgetting the destination and returning to the default screen. This will also address concerns where the navigation icon is displayed but not usable (Japanese vehicles only).

Improvements to media handling. This is to resolve concerns relating to the user being unable to switch the audio source, and the tune scan displaying indefinitely (SDARS only).

InControl Touch Pro Duo shown in recent Official LR Sunshade Install Guide

The install guide (creation date 8/8/17) for the Sunshade (Part No. VPLGS0487) uses an interesting version of the Range Rover interior…

The red arrows point to the updated steering wheel controls and the flush mounted touchscreen, along with the lack of physical buttons on the lower InControl Touch Pro Duo screen.  All very similar to the InControl Touch Pro Duo system in the all-new Range Rover Velar.