Apple CarPlay & Android Auto appear on 2018 Range Rover build sheets – Where there’s smoke there’s ICE – Get it?

After seeing the options appear on the international Land Rover site last month, we now see it mentioned in the latest build sheets customers are getting for their 2018 Range Rover


While they’re still not available for ordering, they might just really be on the way this time.

Continued effort here to lose the mouthful that is "InControl Touch Pro Duo"; even Dr. Speth calls it Blade


International Land Rover site shows Apple CarPlay Option Pack for new Discovery

With a tip from a reader earlier today we saw the Smartphone Pack option available to add to the build of a new Discovery.  At first I didn’t see it on the USA or UK site but when accessing through the Land Rover International home page, which often does have things you don’t normally see, we find the new option pack that adds Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. 

Both are described as such and yes even the Android Auto screen says “Simply connect your iPhone”:

A simple and intuitive interface. Designed to minimise distraction so that you can stay focused on the road. Simply connect your iPhone via USB and control compatible apps on the in-car Touchscreen.


Jaguar Land Rover has been on the CarPlay list since its inception but never shipped in a vehicle.  We even found Apple CarPlay icons in an early InControl Touch Pro build.


Does this mean it’s really coming this time?

Range Rover Velar in Norway, InControl Touch Pro Duo highlights

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InControl Touch Pro Duo spied in the Range Rover Sport

Thanks for the tip Steve!

From a Russian language video by proAutoTV (Instagram), we see an externally camouflaged but internally exposed Range Rover Sport with InControl Touch Pro Duo.