Is the refuel procedure on the PHEV Range Rovers the same on other PHEV vehicles?

First there’s a dedicated button to open the fuel door the also opens the fuel tank isolation valve & depressurized the tank then unlocks the filler flap.  I’ll let the owners manual take it from here:

LRL 10 02 61 191

Note: Make sure that the vehicle is refuelled shortly after the refuelling button is pressed. Failure to do so may result in the fuel tank not being filled to the required level. If in doubt, check the fuel level gauge in the instrument panel before continuing the journey, to prevent running out of fuel.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) have a locking fuel filler flap and an isolation valve on the fuel tank.
The vehicle cannot be refuelled until the following has occurred:
• The isolation valve on the fuel tank is open.
• The fuel tank is depressurised.
• The fuel filler flap is unlocked.
To enable refuelling, carry out the following:

1. Switch off the vehicle’s ignition, apply the Electric Parking Brake (EPB), and make sure that the transmission is engaged in Park (P).
2. Press the refuelling button located in the lower switch panel at the driver’s side of the fascia. The isolation valve on the fuel tank opens to depressurise the fuel tank. The fuel filler flap unlocks. The instrument panel displays a message to confirm that the fuel filler flap is unlocking.
3. The instrument panel displays a message to confirm that the fuel filler flap is unlocked and the vehicle can be refuelled. See 382, FUEL FILLER FLAP.

The isolation valve on the fuel tank remains open for approximately 10 minutes, at which point the valve shuts, preventing further refuelling. If further refuelling is required, repeat the above process to open the isolation valve on the fuel tank.

Note: Make sure that the vehicle is stationary. The fuel filler flap does not unlock, and the isolation valve on the fuel tank does not open, if the vehicle is moving. The instrument panel displays a message to confirm that the vehicle’s speed is too high.

Note: Make sure that the fuel filler flap is closed after refuelling. The instrument panel displays a message to confirm that the fuel filler flap is not fully closed. If a fault is detected on either the fuel filler flap system, or on the isolation valve system on the fuel tank, the instrument panel displays a message. In this event, consult a retailer/authorised repairer or roadside assistance. See 501, ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE. See 357, PROTECT.

Jaguar Land Rover Investor Presentation had some interesting info

Here are two slides that caught my eye from the full presentation:

2 additional nameplates coming…


And here specifically the Always On stuff – finally.



Eagle-eyed Jaguar Owner Spies CarPlay & Android Auto in F-Pace SVR

We’re still hearing this could show up for all running the latest InControl Touch Pro (Duo) software version starting later this month…

You can read more about Chris JD’s find here:


Thanks all who helped on this one!



And let’s never forget the icons included in early InControl Touch Pro builds:

InControl Touch Pro (Duo) Phase 4, version 18B Release Notes


Are your ICTPd issues being noticed?  Could CarPlay be on the way?


ICTP Phase 4, 18B Release Notes PDF (14 pages/400KB)

2019 Range Rover Order Guide for North America




Following the substantial refresh at 18MY there are no major updates to Range Rover at 19MY.
NOTE: Pricing for 2019MY will be the subject of a future announcement.
New Features
The Range Rover follows an all-new design language which adds new features, such as:

•    Sliding Pano Roof Added as Standard Across the Model Range
•    Tiered Pricing for Full Size Spare Wheel
•    Black Brake Calipers Option
•    24-Way Heated/Cooled, Massage Front Seats w/ Power Recline Heated/Cooled Rear Seats
•    New ADAS Functionality and Level 3 pack available
—-Drive Pro Pack (Level 2 ADAS) including Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go (Auto Resume Feature).
—-Driver Assist Pack (Level 3 ADAS) including Adaptive Cruise Control with Steering Assist
—-Complete ADAS Structure included in following pages
•    Wade Sensing
•    Introduction of the Range Rover PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) (First Order Call Expected Late Summer).
•    Seating Improvements (Carryover from 18MY)

And apparently those wrinkled seats people have been commenting on since first release are a feature:

Seat Cover Finishing
In order to deliver the increased comfort provided by these improved foams, the seat covering has a relaxed tension to enable the leather to deflect in accordance with the new seat foams, which is visible in a number of ruched contours in the material. This loose fitting covering is consistent with other luxury seat offerings and is necessary to achieve the improved levels of comfort.

See the example below: