Finally found InControl Touch Pro Weather Live app settings so that Fahrenheit is used throughout

Since delivery, for some COMPLETELY UNEXPLAINABLE reason, the InControl Touch Pro Weather Live app used Fahrenheit on the side panel but Celsius when displayed full screen on a 2017 Range Rover.

My preference for Fahrenheit is chosen everywhere I could find prior to today.  The InControl website account, the car itself, and a few other places all set for Fahrenheit.  And as shown, it works fine for the side panel.


But the key for the fix that I found today while checking out another feature is simple (And apparently undocumented?)

Bring up the full screen Weather Live app then tap the Settings button (small double gear icon) then Weather Settings then configure from there.  A few taps and all is fixed.MY17-L405-Weather-Settings



As I found, hitting that Settings button on every screen and then going into the contextual settings for the function displayed has helped find some things previously hidden to me.

  • Nikolay Klimchuk

    After software update all my Live apps are gone! I can’t even open Live anymore. Any ideas?

    • michaeltw

      I’ve see this too when first starting the car but it goes away within a few minutes when I assume all processes have started. Has it persisted?

      • Nikolay Klimchuk

        Unfortunately it’s permanent. Even tried to delete Live in settings. Did not help at all. Also ‘Web Browser’ shows same error ‘not available’. I have working 3G i.e. traffic in navigation system is fine

      • michaeltw

        Ugh – sorry to hear it – the dealer may be your only option now.