InControl Touch Pro demo videos, still unavailable on Range Rover in 2016

Not sure why they all need the same 22-second pre-roll – they’re not TV shows, just one to six minute instructional videos.  My only reasoning is that maybe it’s to make us think it’s a sitcom because of how funny it is that none of these features are still available on a real Range Rover in 2016.

  • So are trey saying I need my sim card with a data plan and that JRL will not provide a 3G (at least) connectivity like all other companies? On a 140k car, if that’s the case, they can go to hell, and I’ll have my deposit back.

    • michaeltw

      While I agree that 3G just isn’t acceptable at this point, if the lack of an included data plan is the tipping point of whether or not to get the car, maybe a Range Rover just isn’t for you?