The latest (first?) print ad for the All-New Range Rover Sport

2014 Range Rover Sport

  • This ad is on the back cover of this week’s Autoweek (10/14) and the last issue (9/30) had it as a two-page inside cover spread (the second page showed the opposite lane and the trees on the side of the road) for visual impact.
    And, I just discovered the current issue of Esquire (Scarlett Johansson on cover) has this ad (plus more) as a inside cover tri-fold. The inside design shows aTerrain Response controller, a go pedal and a dashboard that can be scanned with the referenced app to take you to a more dynamic experience of those visuals. This is all part of the integrated digital marketing campaign planned for Sport.

    • michaeltw

      Yeah, they started showing up last month, my collection is up to a dozen or so. The tri-fold with the app is neat, I like the virtual accelerator pedal the best.

      Can’t wait to see what’s coming next.