2014 Range Rover Evoque with Active Driveline on demand four-wheel drive


The updated Evoque features the ZF-9HP automatic transmission is among the world’s first 9-speed units fitted to a passenger car.  With a wide spread of ratios and improved efficiency, the new transmission delivers improved economy, reduced emissions, enhanced performance and greater comfort.  Available as an option, Active Driveline, is the world’s first ‘on demand’ four-wheel drive system which enhances agility and improves fuel efficiency by operating in front-wheel drive only. The new system monitors vehicle dynamics and automatically reconnects four-wheel drive (within 300 milliseconds) whenever it is needed. For the 2014 model, the driver assistance capabilities of Evoque are significantly enhanced by the introduction of several new features.



  • I learned last weekend that a 2014 Evoque with Active Driveline (and presumably the new drivetrain with the 9-speed transmission) is like having a Rover with active locking differentials when driven off-road. This came from a very long-time Land Rover driving instructor who drives all the models off road to make such nuanced comparisons.
    I’ve found most of the materials on Active Driveline focus on the decoupling of the drivetrain for efficiency purposes and not necessarily on on- or off-road performance, aside from the quick abilty to transition to 4WD.