The new Range Rover Sports have arrived in the US


If you want to see a new 2014 Range Rover Sport in person, get to your local dealer.

I stopped by Land Rover Huntington on Friday where they had about a half-dozen Sports in various colors with varying trim levels and engine types.  Lots of 2014 Range Rovers too, seeing the 22” wheels actually made me change my mind on them.  They’re not for me.

Here are some images I found most interesting, the rest of my pics were all standard fare.

photo 1sdf (2)


Here’s one that still has all its packing materials in place:

photo 5sdf (1)

And here is the elusive Almond/Espresso interior I’ve been trying to find on a real Range Rover, close enough.

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  • Jean

    Any pic of the updated 2014 green Land Rover badge?

    • michaeltw

      It was still black on the Sports I saw, but the new Evoque seems to be sporting it. I’ll post the 2014 pictures in the next day or so.


  • Sam818

    What is it about the 22″ wheels on the RR that gave you cause to “dislike”?

    • michaeltw

      It was just a preference. In person they seemed both flatter, more geometric
      and just not as interesting as I had thought they were. I still think they are
      a good look, just not as impressed as I thought I’d be.