2014 Range Rover Sport – What is this marker on the virtual speedo?


In the various PR videos, we’ve gotten a glimpse of the updated & somewhat optional 12.3” TFT digital gauge display for the 2014 Range Rover Sport.  In the shot above we can see it’s in Dynamic mode because of the icon above the word Range and the red colors that accent the graphics.

There are a few interesting items there, including the now returned green Land Rover badge.  But the one that caught my eye the most is in the bottom left quadrant of the speedo:


What is that?  Anyone have an idea??

  • Maximum speed (GPS based) ?

  • MisterD

    Max speed from camera recognising speed limit on signs?

  • Sam818

    Traffic sign recognition

  • SwissTech

    The new Sport model will include camera-based detection to monitor the current speed limit (technology that has been available on BMW and Audi). There is also an upgrade option to get this data displayed onto the windshield with a laser based HUD system.

  • Speed limit info , part of Sign recognition, based on KAFAS

  • I was ready to post an answer when this first posted but Disqus wasn’t working. I see others got the answer I had…Here’s what I had drafted….
    Given placement in the speedo and that the symbol looks like a European speed limit sign, I would say it is the readout for the system that can read speed limit signs and display them. The three dashes in the middle are where the numbers would display if there was a speed limit sign detected. I believe Land Rover discussed this as an available feature.