Another great retro ad from Land Rover for the All-new Range Rover

Now this is one I regret not thinking of, it’s so obvious and so well executed.  Also based on one of my favorite Land Rover print advertisements of all time.

If it's so great why do we keep changing it 2013

And the ad that it’s based on:

If it's so great why do we keep changing it

  • I checked out this latest retro ad this weekend and thought it was well done on several levels. To see the actual ad it was based on is a real treat.
    This one really took advantage of the original narrative theme and textual layout. With “change” as the theme, Land Rover can deal with all sorts of issues — mostly that change is good.
    Considering that Range Rover owner feedback for the next generation was “don’t change it but make it better,” LR is able to take advantage of that old saying, “change is the only constant.” So, if you want something the same (like the “most refined and capable vehicle on the market”), we have to change (if you want to keep all that greatness). Plus the ever-changing world requires things to change.
    While planned as a “retro ad,” this is a great “real ad.”