Hardly camouflaged Range Rover Next–L405 #notanexplorer #rangerover

We’re getting closer to actual release and the pictures are starting to show up all over.  It’s clearly still a Range Rover even with the finishing details still under cover.  The fast-back look with the rear spoiler is something I’m still getting used to – along with that odd boxy-ness at the rear glass.  Pictures link to original articles.




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  • Amjid_a

    Hi guys, witnessed the new range rover on the a45 coventry road. Must say it looked amazing with the black and white stripes. Size is larger than the vogue, more of a land cruiser size. May have been the top end model?

  • d_engel

    What makes it look more generic is the angled “c” pillar–this is usually upright, giving the vehicle a more boxy look and squared off rear door. I guess they went this way partly to keep the luggage compartment glass from shrinking in size, which would cnnote a small trunk space…