2013 Range Rover, about as undisguised as we’ve seen. #rangerover

I can always count on Ian Parry to send me the scoops!!  I think the antipodeans get the news quicker, haha!!

I’m not going to go crazy analyzing this just yet, as far as I’m concerned, it’s still a test car, still too much disguise.  But I will say, it does look like a Range Rover – that’s a good thing!



Thanks again Ian!  I knew you’d be the one to show me this.

  • Diagne Seyni

    this one looks exactly like the grand evoque they were talking about

  • urvi gala

    2013 Land Rover Range Rover probably will ride on same plat form as Jaguar XJ, & stretch by an odd. New Range Rover will be debuting around fall at auto show of Paris & will be going on sale from early 2013.

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