Our YouTube Channel hits 97 videos and over 500,000 upload views #landrover

Since creating the ROVERHAUL YouTube channel back in 2007, I’ve uploaded 97 videos, some original but mostly press videos, slideshows and such, but all Land Rover focused.

I was surprised the way some of the videos really took off.  Thanks for watching and commenting.  And if this kind of stuff interests you, please consider subscribing.

The original and yes I’m driving:


The most viewed, with 45,000 views:


The second most viewed, and this one is actually an original creation:


And a few random favorites:




  • YouTube also gives you space to describe your videos and add keywords, i. E. Tags. Use your description wisely and make sure it provides an entertaining insight into what the video is about. Keywords, on the other hand, are small phrases that allow you to say what your video is related to.