New little Range Rover optioned with 2WD

I know there’s a business case for it, but to name something a Range Rover and give it a two-wheel drive system, just doesn’t seem right.  I’m sure adding a model to the full Land Rover line-up that could lower their average emissions is something they really need. 

You can read more about it here:


In the same vein, here are the latest spy shots of that new upcoming vehicle.  I am surprised how close they are keeping it to the concept.  While there’s definitely more to it, it looks like they just gave the concept real door handles & side view mirrors.  The Range Stormer had been shown after the Range Rover Sport was basically done, and maybe they’re doing the same thing here.  I’m more interested to see where the interior comes in – as I said before, I’m hoping for some cues as to what we’re going to see in the next Range Rover. 

LRX Spy Shots (1)

LRX Spy Shots (2) 

LRX Spy Shots (3)

LRX Spy Shots (4)

LRX Spy Shots (5)

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