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InControl Touch Pro Duo shown in recent Official LR Sunshade Install Guide

The install guide (creation date 8/8/17) for the Sunshade (Part No. VPLGS0487) uses an interesting version of the Range Rover interior…

The red arrows point to the updated steering wheel controls and the flush mounted touchscreen, along with the lack of physical buttons on the lower InControl Touch Pro Duo screen.  All very similar to the InControl Touch Pro Duo system in the all-new Range Rover Velar.


2018 Range Rover LED Headlights directly from the horse’s website

TOPIx and the board comes through…

New lighting design unmasked for LED headlights (and maybe taillights) on Range Rover


Range Rover Velar cargo capacity, which is it? 650L ≈ 24cu ft not 34cu ft. But all other capacity UK/US conversions match – why?



It looks like it’s something with the UK/US conversion.

650 liters seems to equate to ~23 cu ft. And 650L is how they present it in UK literature when vehicle doesn’t have full-size spare. Further to the conversion, UK site says with all rear seats folded and without full-size spare, space is 1690L. 1690L is ~60 cu ft, which does match US brochure and website.

The ~650L number is the same for both F-Pace and Velar on their respective UK websites. But for US market both show ~34 cu ft in various locations.

So it’s probably part marketing, part typo, part some different US capacity formula that makes 10 cu ft manifest?


Range Rover Velar Touch Pro Duo – Android Device Settings?


What’s this new option under Connectivity on the Range Rover Velar?  Android device settings?

Range Rover Velar Touch Pro Duo Fan Control via passenger dial after screen press

I had wondered how this would work after not giving it a try when I saw it in person.l560-hvac-fan-control

Driver side control handles temperature for driver, pressing it switches to climate seat setting.  Passenger dial does the same but if you press the fan touchscreen button, passenger dial then controls fan speed.  The touchscreen button also displays the fan speed.

Obviously Touch Pro Duo will roll out up and down the line, so this info won’t always be Velar specific.