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Latest InControl Apps update made some changes but why? You’ve got better things to do Land Rover!

Why are efforts still being wasted on running these InControl Apps on InControl Touch Pro?  Why isn’t the effort being put in for this "stuff" instead being used to make InControl Touch Pro(& Pro Duo) less inconsistent?  Why are they wasting their time?  Put CarPlay and Android Auto on it and just move on to bigger and better things.  Why is there this odd secondary interface for InControl Touch Pro? 

They don’t even try to make it integrate with the vehicle systems better.

All of the apps are nice but what’s the point – integrate into main functionality.  For instance, if I use the native Contacts app it doesn’t display the address of the contact for easy tapping and navigation.  But the Contact InControl App does display it all but if I tap on the address it doesn’t switch me back to the built-in navigation to route.  Same with any function other than music – these apps are just isolated islands.  I realize some of it is just weakness in connection type but the inconsistencies! And further, the scrolling is pretty bad and not the responsiveness they love to go on about – always reminding us it has an SSD and gigabit Ethernet like that should just shut us up.

And it’s still a closed system with only a few apps that Land Rover officially blesses – why not open it up?  How could any competitor gain an advantage by seeing how this all works and why would they want to?

I was done but while I’m here – they bless the Tile app so you can use Tile to help you make sure you’ve not forgotten anything in the house before you leave – but you have to remember to plug your phone in, start the Tile app and then have it check to see if you’ve forgotten anything.  At that point isn’t it just easier to look around you and see what you have?

It’s so weird but just shows how there are so many different projects going there, and it seems no one cares about consistency with any of it.  Look at the other apps – Route Planner, Remote – all different, all given just enough effort to work but nothing more – no polish, no one cares.  But let’s be sure to make a new hobbled alternate home screen {Insert Thumbs Up Emoji Here}

Enough with the Apps, just make the back button work consistently from one screen to another.


An update to the iOS InControl Apps app was described as such:

What’s New in Version 2.4.0

– New design for the Calendar, Contacts and Music apps
– An all new widget panel for quick access to upcoming calendar events, favourite contacts and currently playing music
– Bug fixes and stability enhancements

New vehicle neutral graphic that’s displayed as a moving screensaver the entire time phone is connected and InControl Apps are active because phone must be on, unlocked and in app for any of this to function.


Initial welcome screen:


New home screen – try as I might I couldn’t add a favorite contact:


New music screen and yes you can swipe to change the track on this screen but if you try to do it on the screen above it just swipes the entire screen to the apps view.


And a video of how slow and laggy it all is in 2017 when they love to talk about how state of the art and fast it is.

And ha – I fully understand how crazy this rant sounds.

Ovalnews Mock-up 2017, Is this what The Range Rover could look like with InControl Touch Pro Duo?

Photoshop’s Perspective Warp really helped to make this mock-up.  I know it’s not perfect and there is plenty to nitpick but the general concepts are there – InControl Touch Pro Duo, Steering Wheel Controls, Gauge graphic from Velar, Removed controls rear of Rotary Gear Selector.  I was going to stick a Land Rover logo on there but couldn’t get a version I liked.


Here’s my mock-up from July 2015 showing what we thought ICTP would look like in the Range Rover.  When it finally showed up in 2017 it was quite close…


Range Rover Velar front end comparo, base doesn’t look too bad


"We created a new material signature of the cut diamond, it will become a signifier for Range Rovers in the future"

That quote comes from Amy Frascella, Chief Designer, Color & Materials, it has a real Union Jack look, doesn’t it?


A reader sent in some great real life Velar photos

A reader who was at the launch this week contacted me about posting his photos from the Velar launch.  Originally they were posted on the F-Pace forum here.  Thank you sir!