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1989 Range Rover Sales Videos – I love this stuff too much

Part 1 of 6:

Part 2:

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Is this what InControl Touch Pro would look like on the current 8” Range Rover screens?

After seeing the latest Jaguar XJ refresh, is it possible that the Range Rover may only get the 8” InControl Touch Pro instead of the ultra widescreen 10.2” version we first saw in the XF

Here’s my mock-up of the 8” screen and the updated (and hopefully useful) gauge cluster.


I did something similar a few months back showing what the 10.2” XF screen would look like in the Range Rover.


Now we’ll just have to wait and see.

2016 Range Rover Sport HST & Supercharged Limited Edition Product & Pricing Bulletin, MPR15-16

Thanks to a reader, we finally have some info on the new 380HP Range Rover Sport HST.

Full PDF of MPR15-16 Bulletin (~4MB)mpr15-16prev

Latest 2016 Jaguar XJ images show InControl Touch Pro on an 8” screen (UPDATED with videos)

We’ve only seen InControl Touch Pro in the pictures of the new XF and there it used a 10.2” widescreen.  Now we see it in the 8” screen of the new XJ.


Here’s a video showing the latest tech for the 2016 Jaguar XJ, talking about both the (finally) customizable 12.3” gauge cluster and the 8” InControl Touch Pro.

And finally, just for good measure – a short video showing off the 10.2” wide screen for InControl Touch Pro in the all-new Jaguar XF:

US Pricing Bulletins for MY2016 Range Rover & Range Rover Sport – Remote start dropped for 2016

These are updates to the original MY16 bulletin from last month but these include pricing.  As we saw earlier today, the Diesel option adds $1500 over the gasoline model.

We also learn that remote start won’t be available for 2016 and that for the Range Rover Sport Supercharged Dynamic V8 models, the 825W audio system is temporarily unavailable.

MPR15-09R – 2016 MY Range Rover Sport Product Information with Pricing

MPR15-10R – 2016 MY Range Rover Product Information with Pricing